Receptra Naturals Review: Pure Hemp Extracts for an Active Lifestyle


Receptra Naturals






CBD Content




What We Love

  • Clean Cold Ethanol Extraction
  • Non- toxic, non-addictive and non-psychoactive
  • Has essential fatty acids
  • Pure hemp oil
  • No Seeds No Stems No Stalks


  • A bit pricey but well worth it

@Receptra Naturals Product Review

The Receptra Naturals has three product lines that focus on ailments :

  • Relief for aches and pains
  • Rest for sleep
  • Relax for stress and anxiety

These products are intended to promote physical and mental performance and ensure an active lifestyle. Aside from their tinctures, they also offer topicals and soft gels. Their CBD oil is extracted from hand-picked hemp flower using cold ethanol extraction.

The products from Receptra Naturals come with a proprietary blend of essential fatty acids as well as other important substances such as neuroprotectants, antioxidants, and cannabinoids that occur naturally.

Serious Relief + Turmeric 33mg/dose

It comes in 33mg/dose. The hemp flower extract can protect you against mental, muscle, and joint fatigue with neuroprotectants, antioxidants, and cannabinoids that occur in nature, as well as a proprietary combination of essential fatty acids. It can lower your time for physical and mental recovery.

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Serious Rest + Chamomile Tincture 25mg /dose (.5oz, 1oz, 2oz sizes)

It comes in 25mg/dose and is priced as low as $41.99. The CBD oil of Serious Rest is a formulation that is designed to help promote a more restful night’s sleep. This CBD tincture contains MCT oil, linalool, hints of valerian root, and flavors such as vanilla, peppermint, and chamomile to get you that serious sleep that you need.

Serious Wellness CBD 50mg/dose (2oz)

It comes in 50mg/dose and is priced at $204.99. Formerly Receptra Plus, this tincture can ensure you with the rest, relaxation and relief that you’ve been needing. They recommend taking 1/2 of a dropper 1 to 3 times a day or however often you were using your Prime CBD tincture.

It contains an additional concentration of neuroprotectants, antioxidants, and cannabinoids that exist in nature, as well as essential fatty acids that promote better well being of the body and mind.

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Serious Relief + Turmeric Tincture 33mg/dose (1oz)

It comes in 30mg/mL, and is priced at $84.99. This tincture was formerly known as Receptra Elite and it helps make the body and mind more active. It can also help for faster recovery especially if you’re working out in the gym.

It comes with neuroprotectants, antioxidants and cannabinoids that exist in nature. There are essential fatty acids as well, that can help your body and mind to maintain balance during physical recovery and activities.

Final Thoughts

The Receptra Naturals products are designed to reduce your time for physical and mental recovery. We think their products are top-notch! 

These are pure hemp extracts. Their products really work and are very effective when it comes to managing pain.

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