Robert Silver, @itssoku is a top performer for more than 25 years in corporate America who is now in the front lines in the cannabis industry. He is the CEO, Chairman and Director of CAVU Resources, Inc.

His company created kushAmerica: makers of impactful cannabis social apps, SoKu and MediKu.

Robert answers the questions:

1.  What was your career prior to entering the cannabis industry?  

2. When did you first see cannabis as a business opportunity?

3. When you first started kushAMERICA, how did you fund the initial start-up capital? 

5. CAVU Resources, Inc. is a publicly traded company in the fast growing Cannabis sector. Can you tell us more about it in terms of your corporate mission and the recent acquisition of kushAmerica?

6.  What are some of the challenges which you have had to overcome as a start up?

7. Can you share some of the exciting products and or technologies that your company will be launching?

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8. What advice would you give to an aspiring cannapreneur who are looking to enter the cannabis space?

About Robert E. Silver

Mr. Silver, a top performer for more than 25 years in Corporate America, spent his years in companies led by some of the greatest self-made entrepreneurs in business.

Ballys (Arthur Goldberg), Metro Networks (David Saperstein), Thomson West (Kenneth Thomson) and Compuware (Peter Karmanos). 

He expanded his expertise and footprint by leading a Chinese start-up in late 2005 through 2009, learned the language, culture and international business.

With the help of two Chinese scientists, Dr. Zhang Chaoming and Dr. Wang Jianrong, he invented an environmental monitoring technology that stills exist today.

Mr. Silver has recently focused on the entertainment industry. He works with a Sprint Cup Nascar driver to secure sponsorships, an athlete turned actor who has appeared in over 50 big budget films, several NFL stars, toured the world with music acts and artists.

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He has recently produced his own reality show in partnership with STX (Legendary Pictures), which has an agreement to be purchased by a large television network.

He currently manages both a 10-year-old actor who stars on the hit CBS show Young Sheldon, and one of the top in-house producers in music today.

Most recently, the late Harlan Kleiman, founder of HBO, Nickelodeon and MTV, mentored Mr. Silver.

Harlan took Mr. Silver under his wing and gave him the support needed to shape him into becoming a great leader and innovator in today’s business climate.

About CAVU

An old company with new management, new ideas and in a new field; the information and entertainment space in the fast growing Cannabis sector.

The recent acquisition of kushAmerica, Inc. with its mobile applications SoKu (Social Kush), a gamified “chat and chill” application, and MediKu (Medical Kush), a dosage and tracking application for medical marijuana patients, has positioned CAVU to become a leader in the cannabis industry.

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