Friday, July 1, 2022

Shake and Trim: What’s the Difference Between These Types of Weed?

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To anyone who says cannabis is all about smoking and getting high from buds, definitely does not know the intricate and vast world of canna-users. If you keep yourself limited to shredding herbs and smoking them, you’re missing out on a lot of things that this green magic has to offer. More than that, it’s not just the buds that carry cannabinoids, but also different parts of the plant.

Pot culture is usually tight-knit with lots of misconceptions and misinformation due to the lack of regulation and the stigmatized outlook of the public. However, thanks to modern technology and scientific research, we are gradually moving forward and progressing to bring out the true face of marijuana.

We have seen a growth spurt in online headshops, opening up of minds, understanding the medical benefits of cannabis, and many other breakthroughs in recent years. In this article, we explore shake and trim; the two types of cannabis that are unconventional and away from the standard ones.

Most people are aware of only the standard form of smoking, oblivious to the fact that there are other types of cannabis that you can enjoy and get a potent result. This myriad of smaller forms of cannabis allows you to enjoy cannabis in new and exciting ways.

Let’s see what is Shake and Trim?

What is Shake?

what is shake weed

Shake is more common than Trim, as it is pretty closely related to the buds that we consume. You may even find shake in your local cannabis dispensaries as it is not all that uncommon, but it does take a true pothead to recognize what it is.

Shake is essentially what you find at the bottom of any container or bag of your buds. It is a collection of leftover trichomes that falls off the trimmed buds when you jostle or shake them while dealing with it. The tightly packed flowers in your storage bag or box shed the white trichome that covers the potent buds. It may also contain other parts, including crushed flowers, broken calyxes, and sugar leaves, etc. This may be overlooked by the ignorant toker, but shake is actually very potent.

It is not just some leftover thing, but actually can be enjoyed all on their own, or to add a little extra punch to your smoke. Since shake contains an abundant amount of terpenes and cannabinoids, it has everything to better your ‘high’ experience.

Dispensaries also make use of shake, and sell them separately, often looked like the leftover product. Even though it is bought by people and loved as much as the full nugs, you have to be certain that you’re not buying just any quality of shake. It can drastically differ if it is of inferior quality, and can dampen the whole experience of cannabis. It is also recommended not to mix the shake from multiple strains, as it can blend and create an unpleasant high which we don’t want!

As mentioned, the shake can be as potent as your nug, especially if it contains kief and the dried up trichomes. And this makes it eligible to be used with your smoking accessories like vapes, rollies, bongs, or even blunts. The effect will depend on the strain from which the shake came from. Some strains, as they are denser and tightly packed, may not produce much shake when compared to those that have less tight flowers. If you just want an additional hit or potency, you can always use the shake to top off your joints, bongs, etc.

Ah, the many ways in which you can enjoy a simple flower is astonishing!

What is Trim?

what is trim weed

Shake doesn’t immediately give away what it is, but Trim is pretty self-explanatory. Trim, as the name suggests, is the trimmed part of the cannabis plant. Now don’t be fooled by some that are unable to differentiate between trimmed leaves, and trimmed trash. It’s not just anything you trim from the cannabis plant but refers to the trimmed leaves only.

When you grow a cannabis plant, it has many more parts than just that potent nug we all love. There are leaves, steams, and even sugar leaves that contribute to the growth of the green friend. However, it is a practice to trim the leaves to encourage better yields, which gives us this not-so-popular minor form of cannabis.

These leaves are not known to have a high level of cannabinoids, but they are rich in terpenes and trichomes. They can get you high but have a more solid and strong flavor than what you’re used to. It might even be unpleasant for some who are used to staying on the sweet side of the palate. The flavor of the trim remains in your mouth for a long time, and it is recommended to know what you’re signing up for.

Trim is the cheapest way you can use cannabis if you’re willing to do it in any form. It is also extracted from all kinds of strains and is very helpful in making hash. To do so, you just have to decarboxylate the leaves, extract the knife crystals from it, and then press it to make a good quality hash. Trim is also very much used in cannabis recipes, especially with cannabutter or teas or any other edible. It can also be consumed raw, but you should be ready for the bitter taste.

Trim is also used to smoke, but not widely preferred as to achieve the level of cannabinoid and trichomes, you would have to use double the amount of what you usually do. Moreover, it might be very harsh on your throat.

I hope you were able to understand the difference between shake and trim. There is no good or bad weed, but just many different types to cater to everyone!

For more such articles, keep watching this space!

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