Smok Tech GX350

starts at $149
Smok Tech GX350


10.0 /10


10.0 /10


10.0 /10


10.0 /10

What We Love

  • Mod performance in a plug-and-play package
  • Good quality materials
  • Ergonomic design is remarkably small for a 4 cell vaporizer
  • Easy to use and maintain


  • If put on its side, the tank tends to leak
  • Firmware updates difficult to obtain

Review of the Smok @SMOKTECHLOGY GX350 and TFV12 Tank


Vaporizers come in a dizzying array of options now, from simple self-contained pens to supremely customizable “mods” that pack enough battery power to start a car.

Vaping still has a hobbyist nature, and many are challenged by the steep learning curve associated with getting good performance and everyday reliability.

Fortunately there is Smok, the leader in the vaporizer market. From small, easy to use vaporizers to large, high wattage cloud machines, Smok sells some of the best around.

The GX 350 Kit

The GX 350 is a model with a lot of power in a small package.

It uses the increasingly-common 3.7 volts “18650” lithium battery, and with 4 batteries in it, can be operated regularly for a couple of days between charges.

There isn’t a big touchscreen on this power-focused model, but it includes a bright, configurable display on top of the casing with a side port for firmware upgrades.

On the back side, it has Smok’s signature large fire button which makes it easy to operate without fumbling for the right button or needing to look at it.

Smok really does an excellent job of providing the user with the right tools.

In addition to the power unit, the package includes a TFV8 tank, 3 atomizers of varying designs, and lots of extra seals, o-rings, and spare parts to assist in the longevity and maintenance of your vaporizer.

What is in the GX350 Kit


Kit Components

The TFV12 Tank

A nice extra was included by Smok for our review, the TFV12 tank.

While I’m a fan of their stock tank, this one is even larger, providing a long smoking experience as well as room for their truly impressive V12-T12 Duodenary coil packing 12 heating elements surrounded by the organic cotton wick.

This is considered a high-power configuration, not necessarily for the novice, but it’s extremely easy to set up and use.

This is the type of vaporizer you see people “blowing clouds” with, and the appropriately named Cloud Beast King line of products delivers.


This kit comes with everything you’ll need, save for e-juice and batteries.

You’ll have to read a bit about the new 18650 batteries, which vary drastically in performance, so be sure to check out Mooch’s battery guide here on the e-cig forums.

Once you’ve picked your cells and a charger, you can power up the Cloud Beast for hours of quality vaporizer use.

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