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Speakeasy 710 Review: Pure Golden Cannabis Oil

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Speakeasy 710












What We Love

  • Clear Golden Cannabis Oil
  • Lab Certified
  • Potent with a Long Lasting Effect
  • Glass Cartridge
  • Discreet

@Speakeasy710 Review

When it comes to getting medical cannabis, you cannot really be sure about the quality of the products that you are intending to purchase.

There are quite a few clean pens that taste great while other emit a stale, synthetic vapor. Speakeasy 710 is a pleasant exception in this regard.

Aside from that Speakeasy 710 also offers vaporizers, cartridges, THC tonics, CBD tonics and CBD lip balms. We will be reviewing their vape cartridge, THC tonic, and CBD Lip Balm.

Speakeasy Vape Cartridge

The CBD and THC vape cartridges are made from the finest pure golden oil. The vape from Speakeasy is the best oil atomizer we tried, and the performance is pretty amazing.

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You can get 75% pure cannabis. Not only that, the Speakeasy 710 has no additives.

The other 25% comprises of hemp oil. There are terpenes like myrcene, Limonene, Linalool and pinenes.

This ensures that smokers can enjoy a tasty, thick, clean vapor.

The high-quality glass cartridge has a streamlined design and has a durable, elegant chrome tip.

The central pole ensures better vape and more air flow. The standard Universal 510 threading can be used with different batteries.

Speakeasy Lip Balm

The CBD and THC lip balms from Speakeasy are formulated with care. These are designed to repair and moisturize dry lips.

The hydrating lip balm from the brand contains the following ingredients:

  • Cannabis Oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Peppermint
  • Beeswax
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Castor Oil

The ingredients have a powerful moisturizing ability and can keep lips hydrated and healthy.

There are two types: One is 10 mg of THC and the other is a 10mg CBD formulation.

Speakeasy THC Tonic

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According to their website, Speakeasy THC TONIC contains 500 mg of THC per container. The tasteless and simply golden formulation is composed of only organic grape seed and cannabis oil.

They pay special attention to the quality of flowers used in our process and this results in the highest quality product.

This multi-use product can be used directly as an edible, in cooking, as a topical, other creative application.

Note: One full dropper of THC Tonic is 30 mg

Our Final Thoughts

All in all, we are loving the products that we tested. The color of their oil is bright and clear. The ingredients are good quality.

The vape is discreet and very elegant. You are likely to love what Speakeasy 710 has to offer.

The vape offers pure and clean cannabis and will make you get back your faith in vaping. The draw to the vape is very, very smooth.

We also love the THC tonic, we could really find nothing wrong with it.

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Finally, the lip balm is also worth picking up! It does what it does, moisturizes your lips for a long time.

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