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Spring Exclusives: Discover 19 Gifts Everyone Will Want!

Spring is like nature’s big wake-up call, right? After chilling through winter, everything starts to wake up and get green again. It’s the time when we all start thinking about hanging out outside, maybe having picnics or just chilling in the park with friends. And with the sun playing peek-a-boo behind the clouds, we’re all about catching some rays when we can, but not getting too hot like in summer.

So guess what? We’ve got a bunch of cool gift ideas that are perfect for spring vibes. Our gift list is pretty awesome because it’s got something for everyone, no matter how much cash you’ve got in your pocket or who you’re thinking of surprising—like your best bud or even yourself.

Here at Ganjly, we’re super into finding stuff that’s cool, new, and fun to give. We’ve been working hard on this special spring gift guide, and it’s finally ready to show off. We’re inviting you to check out all the neat things we found. There’s cool techy stuff, things to make your room look nice, and gear that’s just right for the springtime. Our guide is like a treasure map to the perfect gift that’ll make this spring even cooler.


Bark and Barware

bark and barware

The cocktail smoking kit from Bark & Barware isn’t just any gift—it’s a statement of luxury, presented in a handcrafted wooden box that exudes quality and class. Whether you’re struggling to find a gift for the dad who insists he wants nothing or for the husband who seems to have everything, this kit is the answer to your dilemma. Founded by Harel Levy, Bark & Barware is not just a product, but a ticket to crafting unforgettable smoky moments, transforming every whiskey or bourbon session into an event. This kit is specially designed for bourbon lovers, ensuring that their taste for premium spirits is met with the joy and excitement that only a perfectly smoked cocktail can provide. This season, discover why Bark & Barware’s cocktail smoking kit is quickly becoming a staple for those who are passionate about their spirits and indulge in the essence of a well-crafted drink.


Nortiv8 Airplush Women’s Lightweight Athletic Sneakers

nortiv8 athletic shoes

NORTIV 8 is all about celebrating the amazing women in our lives, recognizing their strength, and empowering them to face each day with confidence and flair. Their carefully selected range of sneakers is designed to be the perfect gift for any special occasion, crafted with the dynamic, adventurous woman in mind. For the supermoms who masterfully balance the demands of daily life, their Air Plush Athletic Sneakers are a dream come true. Engineered for the ultimate blend of style and practicality, these sneakers feature a cushioned insole and a flexible outsole to deliver unparalleled comfort all day long. Ideal for the woman who’s always on the move, from running errands to running laps, their sneakers offer the support and style she deserves. Dive into the collection and find the perfect pair to elevate her everyday journey.


STARESSO Classic Portable Espresso Machine

The STARESSO Classic is a handy espresso machine you can take anywhere—no batteries or plug needed because it works manually. It lets you make smooth, flavorful espresso in just 2 minutes, perfect for trips this springtime, the office, camping, boating and more. The STARESSO Classic can pump up to 20 bars (290PSI) for that perfect espresso shot, and it works with both Nespresso capsules and ground coffee. You can fill its coffee basket with up to 10g of ground coffee or 5-6g of capsules, and the water tank fits 80ml of boiling water. This means you can quickly make 30-50ml of espresso with a thick layer of crema, all with ease.

Vessel Vista Edge (Sage) Bundle

vessel sage bundle

As 4/20 approaches, Vessel, a premium cannabis accessory brand, announces a collaboration with the Last Prisoner Project. They will donate part of the proceeds from their new Sage Bundle, which includes a vape pen, a standing charger, and a case. This bundle is exclusive only for 4/20 and it’s a limited edition. Additionally, Vessel is launching a sitewide sale for 4/20, offering discounts of up to 50%. The Vessel’s Sage Bundle, exclusive to the 4/20 celebration, features the multi-functional Vista Edge vape pen designed for cannabis oil cartridge compatibility, a chic standing Base charger that keeps oils upright, and the sleek Rover carrying case, ensuring everything is stylishly secured.



DeskBrick™ tackles cord and phone clutter in work and personal charging spaces like side tables, kitchen counters, and nightstands. Crafted from steel-weighted, flexible silicone, it offers superior adaptability and durability. Featuring four side pockets and a central spine, DeskBrick™ securely holds your phone at various angles for Zoom calls or video viewing. Additionally, its corner pockets conveniently store commonly used desk items such as pens, highlighters, markers, USB drives, and more. With DeskBrick™, say goodbye to tangled cords and disorganized workspaces for a more streamlined and efficient environment. Type in the code GANJLY at checkout to get 20% off your order.


Blazy Susan Backpack

Blazy Susan stands at the forefront of innovation and customer-centric design, distinguishing itself as a leading brand in the realm of rolling and dabbing accessories. With a flair for creating products that not only serve their purpose but do so with an added touch of joy. Among its standout offerings is the Blazy Susan Black Backpack, meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of those who enjoy rolling on the move. This backpack features adjustable straps for comfort, specialized joint holders for convenience, and a laptop sleeve for versatility. Engineered with the user’s lifestyle in mind, it incorporates carbon smell-proof technology and a secure combination lock, guaranteeing both the freshness and safety of your belongings.


WYNK Tangerine THC Seltzer

wynk tangerine seltzer

Welcome the sunny days ahead with a sip of spring in a can – introducing the newest sensation from WYNK Tangerine THC Seltzer. This luscious, fruity beverage is here to add a zesty twist to your refreshment routine, blending the tangy flair of tangerines with a subtle sweetness that’s sure to delight. Available in convenient 6oz cans with a 2.5mg dosage and 12oz cans with a 5mg dosage. Crafted for those seeking a unique, fun-filled experience without the aftermath of alcohol, WYNK  promises a light, effervescent buzz within just 10-15 minutes, thanks to its expertly balanced THC:CBD ratio. Zero calories, zero sugar, and alcohol-free. Eager to explore more? Dive into WYNK’s world of flavors with their Experience Pack. This includes four six-packs, totaling 24 cans, featuring flavors like Black Cherry Fizz, Lime Twist, Juicy Mango, and the new crowd-pleaser, Tangerine THC Seltzer.  


Gorilla Lifestyle Premium Hoodie (Unisex)

gorilla premium hoodie

Exploring the vibrant spring season becomes even more delightful with Gorilla Lifestyle’s extensive range of products, meticulously designed to cater to your relaxation needs. From the soothing effects of CBD, the exhilarating experience of HHC, to the potent relaxation provided by Delta 9, Gorilla Lifestyle ensures that every moment is filled with unparalleled joy and serenity. Their product lineup includes energy shots, delicious gummies, user-friendly vapes, and sublingual sprays, all crafted to enhance your spring activities with ease and enjoyment. Moreover, Gorilla Lifestyle complements its wellness offerings with fashionable and functional swag, such as the Gorilla Premium Hoodie. This unisex hoodie is not just a statement piece but a versatile companion for your daily outdoor adventures, thanks to its lightweight design that’s perfectly suited for the mild spring weather. Embrace the essence of spring with Gorilla Lifestyle’s perfect blend of quality, comfort, and style.


cbdMD Freeze Roller 750mg

cbdMD Freeze Roller

CBDmd’s CBD Freeze merges the immediate cooling comfort of menthol with the healing powers of Superior Broad Spectrum hemp extract to craft an unparalleled CBD topical. Ideal for alleviating muscle and joint discomfort following strenuous activities or long days, this award-winning, quick-drying CBD roll-on provides relief, aiding in relaxation and recovery. The formula is enriched with menthol for cooling relief, alongside a blend of Arnica, Tea Tree Oil, and Aloe Vera to nurture the skin further. This synergy, combined with the unique benefits of CBD, offers a comprehensive solution for daily wellness. cbdMD leverages advanced scientific methods and the purest botanical extracts to develop topicals that are both effective and gentle, ensuring seamless integration into your everyday health regimen.


Apex Labs CBD Beverage Enhancer

Experience a revolutionary shift in your daily CBD routine through Apex Labs CBD Beverage Enhancers. Loaded with 600 mg of water-soluble CBD, this product helps with anxiety, restlessness, and muscle soreness. Utilizing cutting-edge nanotechnology, the CBD becomes water-soluble, allowing for up to 5 times greater absorption and half the absorption duration compared to oil tinctures. Simply incorporate one 20 mg squirt into your preferred beverage whenever necessary, and relish the advantages of CBD in a new and improved way.


Stash9 Mini Tabletop Storage

Stash9 Box

Looking for a stylish yet practical way to store your crafts or other essentials? Meet Stash9, a tabletop mini-storage unit with an innovative humidity control feature—thanks to its unique, patent-pending slot design.  It offers a removable three-layer carbon filter at the bottom of the unit. This filter effectively absorbs any unwanted smells, keeping your storage area fresh and clean. Perfect for storing herbs, spices, or other sensitive items, the airtight lid ensures everything stays fresh and discreet. Plus, a secure latch provides that extra level of safety, offering you peace of mind that your flowers are well-protected. The Stash9 kit is stackable and comes with a free humidity pack and a carbon filter insert.


Vibes Clothing Bay Area Baseball Jersey

Vibes clothing baseball jersey

Vibes Paper has released a fantastic new collection under Vibes Clothing, taking inspiration from beloved MLB teams including the Florida Marlins and Baltimore Orioles, among others. Don’t miss their standout piece, the Bay Area Jersey, crafted from durable athletic mesh and featuring detailed tackle twill appliqué artwork.



CBD Living Gummy Rings

CBD Living recently launched their Gummy Rings packaged in a bottle. It comes in two flavors – Green Apple and Cherry. Each bottle of CBD Living Green Apple Gummy Rings has 30 gummy rings. Each gummy ring has 10 mg of Nano-CBD, sourced from 100% organic hemp. Their hemp is grown on state-licensed farms in Colorado.


Happy Kit

happy kit

The Happy Kit is the ultimate travel kit for the cannabis smoker. The case is smell-proof and breakproof. It has everything you need for smoking. This is the perfect gift for any smoker. They also have the Very Happy Kit for dabbers.


Smellproof/Shockproof carrying case.

2.5″ Glass Pipe.

Plastic Magnet Grinder

Doob Tube

Metal Poker

1 1/4 Rolling Paper + Filter Tips

1 Hitter Pipe


Coral Reef Swimbi Quick Dry Scrunchies

Simbi is a female-founded, Haitian-based fashion accessory brand that just launched it’s collection of hand-sewn Swimbi scrunchies. It’s made from quick-drying material in a facility in Haiti that has zero-carbon footprint. It’s very unique and dries eight times faster than a traditional cotton scrunchie. It won’t break, bend, rip, or crease your hair. This is an essential summer accessory for all types of women and it’s perfect for going to the beach or swimming in the pool. Each one is priced at $6 and available fun colors and patterns including Solid Gold, Farrah Yellow, Disco Purple, Fantasy Island, Jordache Blue, Hot Pants Pink, Tie Dye and Fiorucci Floral. Additionally, there are three-piece sets available for $18 each, called Strawberry Fields, Tribe Vibe, Coral Reef, Indigo and Preppy Kelly.  

DREEM Nutrition

DREEM expands its product line with its unique CBD products. Let’s start with their Organic Hemp Protein Powder in Chocolate Brownie flavor.

This is a one-of-a-kind hemp-based, vegan protein powder. It tastes delicious. Give this as a gift to your friends who work out. It contains zero THC, non-GMO, gluten-free and the best part is that it has no fillers or artificial preservatives.

Another awesome gift idea is their B12 (5mg) patches and their CBD Transdermal Patch (15mg Hemp Extract). It’s gluten-free, latex-free, and waterproof. It delivers directly into the bloodstream over 24 hours. The patches are very accurate. And the CBD Patch is site-specific so apply to where recovery and performance are needed the most.

Lastly, check out their CBD oils. They offer the CBD Oil Full Spectrum 500mg with no artificial flavorings. What we found unique next was their CBD Oil Terpene Advantage in a 250mg and 500mg formula. This was formulated by a doctor. It tastes great with its peppermint oil flavoring. DREEM Nutrition is one of the superior CBD companies.

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tCheck 2: Infusion Potency Tester and Expansion Kit

Whether you have an edible, CBD flower or a marijuana flower, tCheck can collect live readings of your flower and test the potency. Use a few drops of butter, coconut oil, olive oil, or alcohol and you can accurately measure the strength of your infusion in less than 45 seconds.

This is something we have never encountered before and is a great gift for a cannabis smoker or edible consumer. This is one awesome gadget!

One can test how strong the edibles you made are or if you are growing, you can test the potency of your flowers. It currently is able to measure the concentration of THx, CBx, or THxa. tCheck result accuracy has a +/- 15% of full scale.

The importance of tCheck is that it helps shape a better, safer, and more efficient cannabis environment. Chefs can use it for their cannabis concoctions. Growers can get the percentage before they start selling. CBD buyers can use it to verify the CBD oil they bought online. There are a lot of ways you can use tCheck.

What’s included in tCheck:

  • tCheck device
  • Reusable testing tray
  • Eyedropper
  • 3 AAA batteries


    • Ultra Violet spectrometer
    • Reusable sample tray
    • Test infusions, get results and dose recipes
    • Battery operated
    • Results in MG/ML
    • CE & FCC certified
    • Bluetooth LE

If you are testing flowers or concentrates (including full extract oil, wax/crumble, shatter, rosin, etc.), you will definitely need to buy the expansion kit. The kit features the capability to run 9 flower or concentrate tests with a 100ml bottle of reagent.

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Zeus Arc GTS Hub

zeus arc gts hub

The Zeus Arc GTS Hub is a premium high-performance 3rd generation vaporizer that was designed in Germany. It features the patented gold heating chamber, Gold Sink Technology, and the ability to load ArcPods directly or load herbs straight into the device.  It’s complete and has everything you need to start vaping in one package. The Zeus Arc GTS Hub also includes a complete Zeus Purify Grime Kit.

Key Features:

  • All-in-One Vaporizer Solution
  • ArcPod Compatibility
  • Xtruder Included
  • Zeus Hub Included
  • Built-in ABV Tray
  • 3500mAh Battery
  • 3 Temperature Presets
  • Goldsink Technology
  • Gold-Plated Heating Chamber
  • Haptic Feedback



Cultivate, a women-owned wellness brand recently launcher its brand at this year’s Oregon Hemp Convention June 2019. The San Diego based-company made their hemp products with full-spectrum, phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil and has zero THC. Give the gift of wellness with Cultivate. Check out their 250mg or 500mg tincture, their 300mg soft gels or their 500mg soothing balm.

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Revelry Drifter (with a hidden stash pocket!)

The Revelry Drifter is a one-of-a-kind minimalist travel backpack. It has a hidden stash pocket where dry herb and concentrate users can keep their stash.

What we love about the Drifter is that it has a signature Carbon Filter System that keeps unwanted odors from escaping. The signature Carbon Filter System is layered with activated charcoal that absorbs and traps odors, as well as two synthetic filters. That means you can travel with cannabis without worrying about the smell of your dry herb or concentrate.

You can decrease the bag space by rolling up the excess fabric when you close the Drifter.

The Drifter is very comfortable with its contoured shoulder straps. It is very spacious inside (23-liter volume) with the outside dimensions of 20″ x 13″ x 6″. It also features a rubber-backed exterior and reliable double clip closure, ensuring all your belongings remain safe and secure. It is lockable as well. This backpack has a lot of functions. Perfect gift for the cannabis traveler! Also, get one for yourself! It comes in 10 different elegant colors.

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High Falls Hemp New York

High Falls Hemp is a licensed Hemp research partner with the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets. It is a 100% family-owned brand and with this comes the value and dedication of giving the best quality hemp products to their consumers. Their CBD products are all-natural, vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and U.S-grown. Choose from a variety of CBD tinctures, softgel, lotion, and pet tincture. Their CBD tinctures range from 300mg up to 1,500mg. They also have a 1,500mg CBD isolate tincture.

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Pure Hermosa

Pure Hermosa is a Hermosa Beach Family that is passionate about CBD. They have seven CBD products out in the market – CBD Gummies (200mg and 500mg), AM-PM Moisturizer, Oral Sleep Support Spray with Melatonin, Hemp Oil Drops, Revive Skin Serum + Collagen Retinol and a Hemp Intensive Relief Rub. Their tincture ranges from 250mg to 1,000mg. All their products have zero THC so they won’t get you high. Click here for our CBD dosing guide.

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