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Stashlogix Review: Awesome Secure Storage and Transport of Cannabis

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What We Love

  • It has a secure lock
  • It has dividers for organizing
  • Comes with awesome accessories
  • Discreet
  • Very good quality material


  • The zippers need some getting used to. It is a bit hard in the beginning

Storing and carrying tobacco products, medicines or herbs have always been a common challenge for people who use these products.

When traveling, one is faced with the dilemma of security and discretion. Because of this need, Stashlogix created the Prostash and the Ecostash.

Their bags have added security because of the 3-number lock mechanism.

They are well designed and discreet.

The stash bags are designed to store things in the most organized manner with their adjustable dividers (like the ones you see in camera bags).

The dividers are modular and provide spaces to organize your stuff.

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The locking stash bags from Stashlogix, the Prostash, and Ecostash are ideal storage solutions for people who are always on the move.

The stash bags contain activated charcoal odor absorbing packs which keep the bag completely odor-free.

There are three dividers which can be adjusted as per the products that are to be stashed inside.

The products also come with programmable combination locks which ensure that the products kept inside will be safe and out of reach of children or anyone who does not know the lock combination.

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These locking stash bags put up a great appearance, thanks to the fine material and the quality build of the product.

The dimensions of the products make them easily portable. The interiors can be modified as per requirement, thanks to the adjustable padded dividers.

The bright green color of the interior leaves a fresh feeling and the mesh pockets allow a quick look at the stuff that is stashed in them.

The stretchable handle of the products makes it easy to hang on the handle of a bike or just carry with your hands.

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What you can expect from both products

  • 3 digit programmable integrated lock
  • Adjustable dividers to keep things in an organized manner
  • Contains Odorpax which is an activated charcoal in hemp pouches
  • Silicone-lined mini jar
  • Contains a pen and a stash journal
  • Charging port
  • Cleanable jar lids which can be relabeled
  • Available in two materials – ballistic nylon and natural hemp
  • Abrasion-resistant, tear-proof material

Ecostash specs – Medium size locking stash bags

Prostash specs – Large size locking stash bags

What you need to know about it

Both Prostash and Ecostash do a wonderful job when it comes to keeping smelly stuff like tobacco products, herbs, and spices or prescription drugs.

The charcoal activated OdorPax are designed to absorb any and every odor that prevails inside the box.

However, there is a limited longevity of these odor-absorbing packets. Depending on the use, these packets will last to about three months maximum.

The outer material of the stash bags are highly durable and are resistant to abrasions or getting torn.

The product is water resistant as well, which makes it a must-carry item whenever you go, wherever you go.

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Our Final Thoughts

With so many benefits, like security, style, and high functionality, the Prostash and Ecostash are ideal companions for travelers.

Not only that, Stashlogix are perfect for storage in the house. You can safely keep your edibles, cannabis, and vapes in Stashlogix and the most important thing to note is that is has a lock.

So kids who are curious, can’t open them. The integrated lock is what we super love about the Ecostash and the Prostash.

This is a must-have for every cannabis patient. Aside from that, you can use it to store your other valuables as well as keys and cellphone.

You can bring the Prostash to the beach and put all your valuables there while you swim. Or use Ecostash when you go biking and store your money and keys there.

The possibilities of Stashlogix bags are endless! Go buy one now!

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