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Top 5 Best Cannabis Strains to Stimulate Your Creativity

They say that creativity is one of the most important and beneficial features to have. Creative people get praised at work, are always able to find an original solution to an unexpected problem, as well as may get paid quite a lot of money if they decide to pursue the career of an artist and are successful in it. However, did you also know that besides being often associated with having a successful and fulfilling life, creativity can have a lot to do with cannabis?

Actually, studies show that creativity is linked to the frontal lobe of the brain, which is also stimulated and activated by the consumption of cannabis. Consequently, those who consume marijuana might experience more advanced artistic vision, not to mention well-known effects such as relaxation and euphoria that might positively affect the creative process. Simultaneously, though, every user knows that different strains might have a slightly different impact. The same goes for creativity – when it comes to activating the brain, certain strains work better than others. To find out what they are, follow our short guide.

The Best Weed Strains for Unleashing Creativity

Generally, the sativa-dominant cannabis strains are usually more creativity-boosting and uplifting than the indica-dominant ones. The reason is the sativa-dominant strains’ energetic nature as opposed to the other one’s more relaxed and calming effects on body and mind.

Our top five includes:

Tangie Magic Auto

This cannabis strain is perfect for those artists who need some creative head high, slowly fading into a calming and de-stressing peaceful feeling. Therefore, it’s also recommended for people struggling with chronic anxiety, stress, depression, and it might even work as an appetite stimulant. Moreover, due to the refreshing citrus smell of the strain, smoking it is a very pleasurable experience – in fact, you might expect the fruity aroma itself to unleash your creativity.

Moreover, if you are an inexperienced user, you can even grow Tangie Magic Auto easily by yourself, as this strain is characterized by high-yield auto flower seeds that are ready for harvest in around 63 days, which is quite fast.

Island Sweet Skunk

Although Island Sweet Skunk comes in a few different strains, keep in mind that the best one to stimulate your creativity would be the strain with Grapefruit, Haze, and Northern Lights genetics. This type is known to make the user giggly, creative, and full of positive energy. Excellent for painters and musicians, it also immensely boosts up the mood, ensuring you will spend hours laughing and discussing ideas.


Stardawg is one of the most commonly mentioned strains when it comes to boosting brain activity. This insanely potent hybrid should be used carefully, especially by novice consumers, but don’t worry: if handled correctly, it will bring excellent effects. Stardawg is a mix of Chemdawg 4 and Tres Dawg that contribute to a flower characterized by gassy, floral, and earthy flavors and aromas. It’s also known for bringing many uplifting effects and activating one’s imagination.

Please remember that Stardawg will activate your brain but might leave your body still due to its considerable potency, so if you’ve never tried it, start with small doses.


AK-47 is a strain of Mexican, Thai, Colombian, and Afghani descent. It is known for its grassy and citrusy aroma and earthy flavor, as well as for impressive effects on the mind. Having consumed AK-47, you can expect a long-lasting euphoria that will activate your mind for hours to come, which will work amazingly for the people with a creative job or the ones needing some energy for a corporate brainstorm. A great time and a dozen creative ideas are basically guaranteed!


As proof that there is an exception to every rule, may we present the proud representative of indica-dominant hybrids: gelato. Although typically not very stimulating, this particular strain is popular due to its potency and effect of a mood elevator. Users describe the high as euphoric, anxiety-free, and creativity-boosting. Try it out!


Whether you’re a painter, a musician, a sculpturist, a writer, or simply a person that needs some significant creativity boost at the moment, we can assure you that weed can help you with the task.

Having tried out many different ideas to activate your brain and imagination, we would recommend checking out our five top weed strains to stimulate creativity. Please don’t take our word for it: look up professional cannabis forums, reviews, or talk to more experienced friends or employees in a local cannabis shop in order to purchase the product that will serve you well.

At the same time, please remember to be careful with the doses, especially not having a lot of experience with very potent strains. Have a good trip!

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