T3C Synergy Interview, @The1Shira: First CBD Aromatherapy that Benefits All Ages. In this interview, we ask Shira Adler, founding partner of T3C Synergy and ShiraAdler.com about CBD and aromatherapy.


1. What is your background and how did you get started into the business?

My background is eclectic, to say the least! I’m a spiritual counselor/healer (Certified Past Life Regressionist) who used to work full time as Clergy (a Jewish Cantor), then added the role of non-denominational interfaith minister, wellness advocate & educator, holistic moms network chapter founder and leader, and writer/ speaker. I’m also a wellness media expert and host and was even the debut mom on Bravo’s Extreme Guide to Parenting! In other words, if the topic includes anything natural, spiritual, eclectic or out-of-the-box or has anything to do with mind-body-spirit wellness, I’m all over it.

My foray into the CBD world came as a natural offshoot of that which I most passionate about… specifically helping people connect to their own experiences in a holistic, integrated, joyful and vibrant way. And in today’s world that “way” included creating, then offering to the public, the very products I first devised for my own children.

It started a few years ago when I enlisted the help of a Shaman and Certified Master Aromatherapist in the Woodstock, NY area to help me create aromatherapy blends- my original line – called Diva Mama Aromatherapy Synergy Sprays. DIVA stood for “Divinely Inspired Vigorous Attunement” because I was looking for ways to balance our inner world with our outer, and that process became a curriculum that invited each of us to raise our self-awareness and reminder ourselves to stay in alignment and on a high (excuse the pun) vibrational level.

The “Mama” part of my company name was because I think we are all caretakers of something or someone. As spiritual beings having a human experience, we have a responsibility to be caretakers of ourselves, our families and serve as stewards of the Earth. So whether you’re a Shamanistically oriented, funky type of holistic mom, or a Conservative middle America mom who has an autistic child or you’re just a chillaxed kind of weekend toker… We all share the responsibility of living in harmony with our bodies, brains and the planet. That’s what cannabis users and providers are all about.

But even before I got into the cannabis part of my company’s products (well, technically industrial hemp . . . for now), this was my philosophy and my life partner jumped in to help grow my product line from the already beloved sprays. So we created the newest addition to my line: Smile – which was also the launching point for entering the world of CBD. I infused CBD into the entire line and we relaunched the newly renamed Beyond the Spectrum Synergy Sprays at the Cannabis World Congress at the Javitz Center in NYC this past summer.

We were voted by Huff Post one of the top products at the conference and have never looked back. Now we are preparing for a formal launch of the Synergy Sprays PLUS CBD as a dietary supplement, tinctures and Go Beyond Body Butter – a 500 mg. infused creme for whatever ails you.

The approach is simple – CBD is the most powerful natural wellness ingredient indicated in more than 60 clinical studies for everything from allergies to autism, IBS, Crohn’s, Dravet’s Syndrome, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, PMS and fibroids, cancer treatment, MS, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s to the most significant mental health issues including bi-polar, PTSD, anxiety, depression and schizophrenia.


2. Were there licenses required for making the CBD sprays?

Of course everything that has to do with the raw product that our experts cultivate, extract and infuse are not only licensed, but in all honesty, our main consultants have much higher standards than are evidenced in this rapid growth industry. That’s why our products are so different – we are meticulous about everything from the “where” to the “how” and most importantly the “why”. We are really different in how we approach our company and the products.

Most people are just trying to quickly grab the basic raw materials from the usual sources (mostly N. Europe grows and industrial hemp extractions). But we start with the hard core basics – the quality of the soil, the healthy, vitality and fullness of the plants, the extraction methods (our main consultant does it quite differently) – all of this results in a higher product quality vs. “normal” industry standards which strip out most of the nutrients and terpenes that we keep IN the product. It creates a whole different base level.


3. What is your relationship to cannabis?

Maybe in part because of my spiritual and holistic development and experience – I have over the years, changed my attitude about cannabis. In every indigenous culture, the most ancient of medicines have, and continue to be, plant based.

But I’m also like many mainstream parents today – my stance on cannabis has totally shifted since my teen years, when we were all told “pot is bad”, but somehow alcohol is “less bad”? LOL I think in some ways, I represent the “every-mom” . . . you know, those of us who grew up with some sort of stigma that smoking pot was going to lead us down the rabbit hole to a totally failed life.

In my specific case, part of that stigma was exacerbated by an ex-husband that was a total pothead and lied about it – not so great – but then again that’s why he’s an ex-husband and his habits had less to do with the weed than how he handled his own experience.

But truthfully, CBD is the best thing since the invention of pizza and unless someone has been living under a rock, it’s very hard to ignore the obvious truth that ALL of cannabis, CBD, THC and the other 100 plus cannabinoids are far less dangerous and unhealthy than legal vices such as alcohol and even more so, opiates, which have become the modern American plague in recent decades.


4. How has the CBD sprays helped our customers?

What I love best about my aromatherapy Synergy Sprays is that they are an all natural, safe, subtle way to get in and go deep into whatever is uncomfortable in your experience. Aromatherapy isn’t new, but blending it with CBD is. And what I hear from users is that they find them a very easy, pleasant and powerful way to support their families in the most complex aspects of their lives.

Whether your or your kids are feeling overly stressed, anxious, disconnected, mood disregulated, irritable, hyper or unfocused, when you combine the best of ancient wellness with cutting edge science you can do some powerful things to create a transformative shift in your life. People who use the sprays LOVE them and tell me they’re the best of both worlds – ancient and modern – because they address and help alleviate the most pressing needs of families today. It’s kind of funny that what is “newest” is based on what is “oldest”.

Aromatherapy has been around since the beginning of time and is the oldest modality on the planet to effect change on all 3 levels of your being simultaneously – mind, body and spirit. The ironic part about infusing the essential oil blends with CBD is we are still talking about the same basic ingredients: terpenes, the “nice smell” core ingredients that exist in plants like lavender and pine as they do in cannabis and hemp.

So if your child or you is having trouble sleeping, relaxing, focusing, feeling less disconnected from yourself or others, imbalanced, stressed or irritable, using a Synergy Spray is the fastest and simplest way to create a shift in that mood or circumstance. They also disburse only a gentle mist so kids with sensory issues enjoy the feeling and the scents are lovely, not overpowering and don’t linger too long. Kids call them “magic sprays” and parents love using them in the am before the kids go to school and at bedtime.


5. Are there side effects from the CBD sprays? Is it safe for kids?

There are no side effects to using aromatherapy or CBD. That’s the beautiful part of these products. No matter what else you’re doing, or what you’ve tried or take, these products can add a nice synergy to your routine and who knows? Many people have said they’ve been able to wean off other less desirable drugs that CAN and do have negative long term or side effects.


6. What is the most exciting thing about what you are doing?

They say that necessity is the mother of invention so you can understand then why THIS Mother needed to invent something to help my own kids first. My daughter is entirely off Western meds thanks to our products and my son is close behind.

So I guess the most exciting thing after helping my own children is that I get to do the same for others. I get to offer what I have learned, seen, tried and know to be true – that it IS possible to create profound transformative change in our bodies, brains and lives in general. This is what is most exciting; creating a life based on passion and purpose and being a part of this INCREDIBLY fast moving, becoming more accepted daily industry.

There is no turning back the tide now and I am so honored and joyful to be a part of this movement as a cannabis advocate and entrepreneur. With my partner, Andy, as the winds beneath my wings, I am honoring and embodying the words of the great Sufi poet, Rumi when he said: “Let what you do be what you love.”


7. What advice can you give entrepreneurs who want to start a business in the cannabis industry?

Take your time. Connect to people with whom you feel a strong resonance. Read EVERYTHING you can get your hands on about the industry. DAILY! Get involved in grass roots advocacy programs and platforms and most importantly, keep the faith. There is a reason you wanted to be a part of this joyful chaos. I won’t kid you.

Being an entrepreneur is exhausting, all-consuming and at times incredibly overwhelming. But the upshot is that you are co-creating the reality you have envisioned for yourself, and one that is incredibly rewarding. Baby steps can quickly turn into milestones and you are the arbiter of what “success” means and looks like.

Ultimately, you will prevail as long as you balance the external “give” with a modicum of self-care and don’t forget to seek support by those who have blazed the trail before you. The medical cannabis industry, specifically, is the doorway to an explosion of untold promise and potential.

Together we can bring awareness, education and alleviation for millions of people who are suffering from all manner of ailments and issues. So if you’re canna-curious, now is the time to go for it. The world will be a better place for your effort and dedication.


For more information go to ShiraAdler.com

ShiraAdler.com / 914.486.1379 / The1ShiraAdler@gmail.com FB, Instagram, Twitter: @The1ShiraAdler & @t3cSynergy Twitter: @The1Shira

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