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The Best Vape Cartridge Packaging

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510 vape cartridge packaging? CCELL cartridge packaging? Vape cartridge packaging tubes? 1ml vapecartridge packaging? It’s 2021 and the cannabis packaging market is changing.

Finding the best wholesale custom dispensary vape cartridge packaging and supplies should be easy, but it is often not. Brand saturation has hit the shelves and brands are scrambling to differentiate themselves on the shelves. Additionally, child resistant laws and regulations are increasing as each new state comes online.

The paper boxes, blister packs and tubes are still flooding the market, but the days are numbered. Regulations are shifting and cannabis, CBD and hemp brands are taking notice. The combination of child resistant regulations and fake dispensary packaging pouring in form overseas has brands locking in novel packaging solutions made in the USA.

Some are even creating contracts to ensure no one can copy the container they are utilizing to reduce the copycat problem that is occurring right now. Below we are going to outline what you should be looking for as you explore new cannabis packaging solutions.

Finding the best custom dispensary comes down to a few requirements:

What is the product you’re putting in side? Cannabis products are unique and have different size requirements, so finding the right fit is always the first step.
Unique Packaging
You want to ensure your packaging stands out. It’s important to find a packaging container that stands out next to other products.
Labels, direct print, etc. Finding a packaging product you can transform to fit your brands identity is key.
Child Resistant Requirements
This is usually a hard one. In North America you want the packaging solution to be CPSC/ISO certified. Even if your regulations do not require it yet, it’s good to be ahead of what is coming.
Purchasing from a USA vendor is usually the best idea for your growing brand. Lead times overseas are often long and with the COVID-19 pandemic, prices are rising as freight and logistic companies scramble to get products to the USA.
Price is always a factor to consider, but it’s important to not cheap out on the product presentation or quality of the packaging.
The entire cannabis industry is pushing for more sustainable packaging. However, this is a hard battle. The child safety requirements and label requirements make paper solutions less realistic. Moreover, you need a large surface space for the label information for each product.

Lets run through two good packaging solutions for vapecartridges. First is the Cart Card available on Dragon Chewer.

This packaging solution hits almost every mark on our list. The Cart Card is perfect for .5ml and 1ml 510 threaded cartridges. It’s truly a unique packaging product since it was built specifically for vape cartridges. It’s customizable with labels or printing. It’s a child resistant container or box, but it looks like it has not been tested with the CPSC. Additionally, turnover is fast since it is made in the USA and it is a very low wholesale price per unit. Most importantly, it’s made with hemp fibers and a unique additive that accelerates biodegradation of the whole container. This is eco friendly sustainable cannabis packaging consumers are looking for.

Next up is another Dragon Chewer product. The Cart Lock by Dragon Chewer is a child resistant slider box for pre rolls, edibles and vape carts.

The Cart Lock slider box does hit all the marks on list. It’s a great solution for THC cartridges. Just like the cart card it is made for 510 threaded cartridges and tightly holds them in place. It’s highly customizable with paper sleeves, custom colors and labels. It is CPSC/ISO certified, which is hard to acquire and now required in most regulated cannabis markets. Again, this product is made in the USA so it has fast lead times and they offer it at bulk wholesale prices. Lastly, this product is now being made with an additive that enhances biodegradation giving it sustainability properties. Overall this is a prime packaging container for vape cartridges.

Dragon Chewer has a large catalog of custom 420 cannabis packaging supplies. Dispensary mylar bags? The best pre roll packaging?  California dispensary labels? The portfolio of products is expanding rapidly and they have a dedicated team ready to help with all your questions.  Click here to view the Dragon Chewer store.

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