The cannabis closet: time to come out, especially this Christmas. As the holidays draw closer, many of us will be spending with time back home with the family. Are you dreading it or looking forward to it?

If you’ve been living in a different state or attending college, this might be the first time you’ve seen family in a while, and the first chance to admit to a few things… Such as using Cannabis.

With such a stigma towards Cannabis, the fight for legalising the drug in all states is still on-going. So when it comes to telling your parents that you use the drug for recreational or medicinal purposes, there’s no real way of knowing how they’ll react.

But as we get older we all learn that secrets from parents never end well, so here’s some tips for telling your parents that you use Cannabis.


Prepare for any reaction

There is no way of knowing how our parents will react. Ever.  So their reaction to your using Cannabis may surprise you.

Most parents are just looking for honesty, so if you have a good job and are getting on with life despite using the drug, there’s no reason for them to react badly: You can prove that you break away from the stereotypes.

The Cannabis Closet: Time To Come Out

Strategically plan the moment

Tip: Telling them whilst passing potatoes at the Christmas table is not the time. Finding some time to sit down and talk is probably more appropriate… If you think they will take the news terribly, perhaps wait till after obligatory family time. If you want to get it over and done with, go for it whilst you’re feeling confident.

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Discuss your personal experiences

If you’re trying to tell your parents that you are using a drug that may not necessarily be legal in your state right now, discussing with them why you use it and the effects it has on you may help them to put it into perspective. Whether it’s that it helps balance your mood in stressful times, or keeps you engaged and interested in hobbies and the world outside; you’ll need to show them how Cannabis has benefited your life.


Understand their worries

We all know someone who uses Cannabis positively, buy there are some health risks that can’t really be denied. By bringing these out, you’ll be able to convince your parents that you have thought about the situation and you understand the risks and worries, then back this up with the way it has effected your life in a positive way.

By finding a way to help them understand the positives, as well as making sure you know about the negatives, you’ll find it much easier to discuss such a heated topic with your parents.

Finding the right time over the Christmas period means there’ll be no grievances to leave behind once you head back home or to college. With the legalisation being such a huge trend right now, you may find it’s a lot easier to approach the subject than you first thought, and will be able to find out their real opinions on the way it is used.