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Elevate Your Gift Game: 27 Mind-Blowing Cannabis Presents That’ll Leave a Lasting Buzz!

Struggling to find the perfect present for someone who enjoys cannabis? Look no further! Our comprehensive gift guide has everything you need, from CBD and THC products to smoking accessories. We also feature skin care items and various storage solutions tailored for cannabis enthusiasts. Plus, our selection includes a range of unique cannabis-related products that cater to diverse preferences. Whether you’re seeking something for a seasoned aficionado or a curious newcomer, our guide offers a diverse array of choices to suit any taste. Discover the ideal gift that combines quality, innovation, and a deep understanding of the cannabis lifestyle

Mode Dream Team Bundle

Mode Dream Team Bundle

Take a break, rejuvenate, and bounce back to start your day anew with the Dream Team Bundle from Mode. Whether you grapple with occasional sleep disturbances or full-fledged insomnia, there’s nothing worse than waking up feeling foggy, slow, and as if you barely slept. While cortisol levels typically peak in the morning for most, insomnia sufferers might experience elevated levels at night, leading to restlessness and sleep challenges. Anxiety is another potential culprit disrupting your peaceful slumber. For those wrestling with chronic sleep issues, Mode CBD Sleep Gummies presents an ideal solution. Meticulously crafted for delicious flavor, they blend broad-spectrum CBD with a gentle dose of Melatonin, Valerian Root, and other natural sleep aids. Additionally, enhance your evening beverage with Mode’s Nano CBD – water-soluble, flavorless, yet effective in promoting a night of restful sleep.


Ukiyohi D’Fuze Candle

Ukiyohi candle

With the festive season on the horizon, we’re excited to present Ukiyohi, a pioneering brand known for its exceptional and distinct smoking accessories and fragrant organic soy wax candles. Originating from Minnesota, Ukiyohi skillfully blends artistic design, practicality, and creativity in its smoking-related offerings. The brand’s collection includes an array of aromatic candles, crafted to foster a peaceful and balanced ambiance. These candles, available in diverse fragrances, serve as perfect gifts to enhance the ambiance of a soothing smoking experience. It counteracts the scent of cannabis and tobacco. Each product reflects Ukiyohi’s commitment to quality and innovation, making it an ideal choice for those seeking something special in their smoking essentials and home fragrances.


Vessel Helix. X Highsman

Helix highsman

The celebrated collaboration that created a buzz has returned! Ricky Williams, ex-NFL star turned cannabis entrepreneur, and the upscale cannabis accessories company Vessel have rejoined forces to bring back their sought-after limited edition partnership, the Vessel Helix x Highsman, priced at $65, due to overwhelming public interest. Standing out in its category, the Helix x Highsman one-hitter is unparalleled in terms of performance and aesthetics. Featuring a unique, patented double helix structure, it masterfully balances filtration and cooling, setting the Helix apart as the most groundbreaking one-hitter available today. This collaboration combines elegance with innovative design, offering a distinctive smoking experience




Mana Artisan Botanics Hemp Honey: Lehua & Wilelaiki

mana hawaiian hemp honey

Lehua honey, the rarest of its kind, is harvested from the Ohi’a Lehua blossom, an endemic tree on the islands of Hawaii. Wilelaiki honey is collected from the christmas berry tree in Hawaii. Blend these two raw organic honey, infuse it with organic hemp extract and you got a creamy rare treat! This yummy hemp honey delivers 150mg of Cannabinoids in a 2 oz jar. A perfect gift for someone who loves hemp and honey. Add to pancakes, toast, tea or coffee.

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MagicalButter Compound Chocolates

magical butter compound chocolates

The MagicalButter Compound Chocolates is sure to be a hit with your cannabis lover. The gluten-free chocolates come in three varieties: white, milk, and dark chocolate. This is not infused with hemp or THC but this is the perfect companion when making cannabis edibles. There is no tempering required, easy to use and formulated for adding cannabis butter and oils. It does not contain hydrogenated oils which are very important. You can find more recipes at MagicalButter.com.

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Canbiola Tasty Drop 4 Pets

canbiola pet

This CBD product is a great gift for those who have cats or dogs. The Canbiola Tasty Drop 4 Pets is a special blend of hemp oil supplements for pets and was developed so promote overall wellness for them. There is no flavoring added, non-psychoactive, non-GMO, organic, kosher and vegan. Each bottle has a 500 mg high-concentrate of hemp oil and is legal and safe to use at any measure.

JuJu Royal CBD-Infused Rosemary Extra Virgin Olive Oil

juju royal cbd rosemary extra virgin olive oil

Each bottle of JuJu Royal CBD-Infused Olive Oil has 250 mg full-spectrum CBD. This is top of the line CBD oil that taste incredible. The fresh rosemary herbs are pressed together with hand-picked olives to create this delicious tasting herb flavored oil. The oil has a very strong rosemary taste with a hint of CBD. Pour it over pasta, dip crusty french bread or drizzle onto fresh fruit.

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Ardent Sweet Quartet Caramel Infusion Kit

ardent caramels

Ardent, makers of the NOVA Decarboxylator, discovered that the NOVA can be used as an infuser, with over 90% efficiencies. They released their DIY edible kits just in time for the holidays. The Sweet Quarter Caramel Infusion Kit comes with four flavors of caramel to turn your cannabis or concentrate into delicious gourmet treats. The kit comes with everything you need for infusing edibles.

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Colorado Hemp Honey, Hemp Honey Sticks and Turmeric & Black Pepper Creamed Honey

Another awesome gift for a CBD lover is the superfood CBD raw honey from Colorado Hemp Honey. Give them the full spectrum hemp honey sticks where they can conveniently pour in their daily coffee or tea (15mg of full spectrum hemp extract in one stick).

Or give them the newest blend of honey, The Turmeric and Black Pepper creamed honey. It has 1000mg of full spectrum hemp extract in a 12 oz jar. They’ve added 100 mg of their proprietary blend of 95% curcuminoid turmeric root extract, turmeric root and black pepper to each serving creating this unique, creamed blend. All their honey is 100% pure and raw Rocky Mountain honey. The honey tastes so exquisite! 

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Lazarus Naturals

lazarus naturals cbd capsules

To start the new year right, Lazarus Naturals has consciously crafted CBD products like their delicious tasting French Vanilla Mocha High Potency Tincture, CBD Capsules and their Cedar Citrus CBD Balm. It’s all natural, third party-tested and non-GMO. More importantly, their hemp-derived CBD extracts are all made in-house.

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Foria Awaken-Natural Arousal Lube with CBD and Kava

foria awaken
Photo Courtesy of Foria

This gift is perfect for women who are CBD lovers. Foria Awaken is formulated with broad-spectrum CBD, kava kava extract and aromatic oils. The ingredients are all natural and organic. Foria has created the first intimate massage oil and aphrodisiac for women. The Foria Awaken enhances pleasure and at the same time decreases tension, dryness and uneasiness.

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CBD Living Dark and Milk CBD Chocolates

cbd living dark chocolate bar cbd living milk chocolate bar


The dark and milk CBD chocolate bars at CBD Living are all natural and gluten-free. They used their nano-technology to produce delicious CBD-infused chocolates that are easily absorbed through the liver and the bloodstream. Because of the high absorbency, the effects of these bars are fast. Each hemp CBD Living Chocolate Bar has 120 mg of full spectrum CBD. A great gift idea for someone who loves CBD and chocolates.

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The CBD Jotter by Goldleaf

Goldleaf CBD journal

This is no ordinary pocket journal from Goldleaf. The high-quality CBD Jotter comes with a lot of information for the CBD patient. Inside are a dosing guide, infographics and guided entry pages. It also has a patient-focused layout where you can list down the CBD products that you have tried, the potency and what CBD has best worked for your body. Great gift for the new CBD consumer.

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Colorado Bath Company’s Bath Bomb and Sleep Salve

colorado bath company bath bombs

The Colorado Bath Company has blended lavender and sweet orange into their bath bombs. These essential oils promote deep sleep. The scent is very noticeable when you take it out of the box. There are no artificial dyes or scents and the 100 mg CBD is placed in the center of the bath bomb preserving its freshness. Give this as a gift to someone who loves to relax in baths. Add the Colorado Bath Company’s Sleep Salve to the Bath Bomb to complete your gift. Applying small amounts to the eyelids at bedtime will help get you into a deep sleep.

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Azuca CBD-Infused Simple Syrup

Azuca cbd infused simple syrup

This is a one of a kind gift. Azuca made a fast-acting cannabis sweetener, the 2 oz. CBD-Infused Simple Syrup. In one tablespoon, you get 10 mg of CBD. It is water friendly and blends easily into both hot and cold beverages. The syrup can be used in coffee, tea, hot cocoa, cold lemonade and more. Another awesome idea is to add it to your cocktail or mocktail. Plus use it as a syrup or glaze on baked goods; drizzle on fresh fruits, pancakes and waffles or add it to smoothies, oatmeal and juices. The possibilities are endless!

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Lulu’s CBD Chocolates

lulus cbd chocolates

Chosen as one of the Top 14 CBD Products of 2018 by NY Magazine, Lulu’s CBD Chocolates are carefully crafted for the CBD edible lover. Their chocolates are vegan, raw, organic, 0% THC and infused with 80 mg of CBD. What is unique about their chocolates is that it has 78% Cacao which is the highest we have ever seen in the CBD chocolate market.

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CBDFive Refillable Vape Pen Kit

CBD five vape kit

The CBDFive Vape Pen is designed for the CBD users. It is styled with a rainbow metallic finish. There are two refillable CBD cartridges included in the kit: .5ml for CBD oil and 1ml for both CBD Oil& CBD Wax. It is equipped with pre-heat function, 400 mAh battery and 3 heating modes (3.4V/3.6V/3.8V).

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Felix and Ambrosia’s CBD-Infused Water-Based Flavored Lubricant

felix and ambrosia lubricant

Banana Cream Pie, Rainbow Rider, Not a Virgin and  Spice. These are a few of Felix and Ambrosia’s Sweet Love CBD lubricants. They have 5 flavors plus a seasonal one. This is a water-based formula CBD-infused lubricant. Each 2.5 oz bottle has 40mg of active CBD along with sugar-free organic flavoring.

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CBD Living Sleep Aid Cherry Flavour

cbd living sleep aid

CBD Living produced PM syrups to help consumers with getting a good night’s sleep. The CBD Living Sleep Aid combines melatonin with full spectrum nano-CBD. Because of their nano-technology, the effects are immediate and so there is no waiting time. Each 4 oz bottle has 120 mg of CBD and 16 mg of melatonin. This is a great gift for someone who has trouble sleeping. 


My Bud Vase, Deceptively Clever and Stylish Bongs

my bud vase

My Bud Vase just won Top Bong in the 2018 Canadian Cannabis Awards. This is a great gift for the cannabis smoker. It can be displayed as a vase in the kitchen or anywhere in the house. Gift their newest Signature Collection, The Cayote or for your closest girlfriends, give them the porcelain vase Friends Collection – Monica, Phoebe or Rachel.

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DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer

da vinci miqro

The MIQRO by DaVinci Vaporizer is 31% smaller than its predecessor the Da Vinci IQ. It also has an adjustable oven size so the user can choose exactly how much herbs to use under the same ideal heating conditions. The MIQRO is ultra-portable and is one of the best dry herb vapes we have ever tested.

Get the MIQRO and DaVinci IQ2 vaporizers and use the special code GANJLY20 to get a 20% discount on all purchases made in the site – DaVinci Website.

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Heylo Pods for PAX Era Vape

heylo pax era pods

Heylo has always been reputed to have the best tasting pure CO2 vape oils in Washington State and is founded by Lo Friesen, an awesome environmental chemist. The company has been awarded four first-place awards by Terpestival, was recognized by Leafly as one of the “People’s Favorite Concentrate Brands”, and received a 20/20 nod from the Northwest Leaf. Heylo then created about 12 high-quality strains and placed them in a pod to be exclusively used for the PAX Era vaporizer. Our favorite is their high CBD strain vape pod.

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The Beboe Box – Inspired Sativa Blend Vape and Pastilles & Downtime Indica Blend Vape

Beboe Box copy
Photo Courtesy of Beboe

This 3-piece set is the perfect gift for someone who loves THC and CBD. The gift box is luxuriously packaged in a rose gold design. In this Beboe box, you will find Beboe Sativa Blend Cannabis Pastilles and two types of vapes: a Sativa blend vape and an Indica blend vape. All three are formulated with all-natural ingredients.

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RYOT®16″ Pro-Duffle™ with SmellSafe®and Lockable Technology

RYOT® 16 Pro-Duffle™ Carbon Series™ with SmellSafe® and Lockable Technology

RYOT has been known to make quality grinders, taster boxes and smell-proof bags. The RYOT Pro-Duffle is an awesome duffel bag. It is smell-safe and traps in odors for discrete storage and transport of your herbs. The exterior fabric canvas is weatherproof. Inside, you can find modular carbon fiber padding that traps odors in its pores.

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Vibes High Fidelity Ear Plugs

vibes high fidelity ear plugs
Photo Courtesy of Vibes

This is not your traditional earplug folks. Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs allow you to avoid being exposed to sound that is uncomfortably loud and harmful, while still being able to hear clearly and talk with people around you. Sometimes the sounds at social or live events can be so loud that it makes these events overwhelming and uncomfortable. The Vibes solves that solution. Vibes lowers the volume of your surrounding environment to a more comfortable level while retaining sound clarity.

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O2Vape FLIP® Vape Platinum Edition

o2 vape flip platinum

This is a one of a kind patent-pending vape pen and is the only one that has a built-in USB charger. It has an award-winning 510 thread wickless ceramic cartridge with a round mouthpiece. The O2Vape FLIP is a quality oil vape pen and what we love most is the key fob style design making this discreet and concealable.

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