The Controversial State of Oregon Cannabis

Sponsored by New Revenue Coalition / Oregon NORML

It’s an odd year (2019) so that means that the Oregon Legislature will be in session.

Besides budget deficits, homelessness, education (the lack thereof) and other prickly issues they need to make cannabis legal to consume both outdoors and indoors!

Strangely enough, while cannabis is legal, it’s not legal to consume in public or indoor spaces, go figure.

Cigar bars and Hookah lounges abound with exceptions from the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and its ‘Clean Air Act.

For some unknown reason the OHA still chooses to stigmatize cannabis users both medical and recreational; this needs to come to an end!

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To make sure this happens we need to raise funds ($50,000) and pay our currently unpaid lobbyist who has to work several jobs to pay his own bills while he fights for “Our Rights”!

It’s unfortunate that the government works for lobbyists with deep pockets but that’s the world today.

It is vital that we gather support from Senators and Representatives for the bill, and ask that they join on as a sponsor to Senate Bill 639.

Please take a moment to e-mail your elected leaders and ask them to sponsor Senate Bill 639, and share why this bill needs to pass in 2019.

The bill allows the Oregon Liquor Control Commission to issue licenses for permanent cannabis consumption venues as well as cannabis events.

Enter your information in the form on the right side of the page to send a pre-written message to your lawmakers in support of this effort.

If you receive any email responses from your legislator about this effort, please send all correspondence to The New Revenue Coalition at

Sponsored by New Revenue Coalition / Oregon NORML
Whether or not you live in Oregon you need to support this effort as other states and the Federal Government have their eye on this type of legislation to gauge how strong the cannabis community is becoming.
The links I provided above will allow you to write the legislature and make a donation in support of the legislation!
Until next time, Pura Vida 
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state of cannabis oregonAuthor Bio: Robert Demes manages The Elite Growers. The Elite Growers was founded in December of 2016 as a premier medical marijuana grower. The farm is located in Brownsville, Oregon a rural farming area 25 miles Northeast of Eugene. As part of “giving back to Humanity,” they operate an animal sanctuary for orphaned farm animals.