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The 3 Most Expensive Cannabis Pipes and Bongs

The price range of cannabis pipes and bongs is vast and far-reaching, ranging from as low as a couple of bucks to as much as a million dollars! And no, that wasn’t a typo, so what in the world could make something worth so much money?

The prices of smoking devices range so greatly for several reasons. In this article we are going to get into exactly what a few of these reasons are, why this matters to you, and how to find pipes or bongs that are right in the middle; a combination that brings together quality with affordability!

Oh, and of course, we will show off a few of the most expensive pipes and bongs that money can buy!

Higher Quality Means more Expensive

The one thing that drives the price of a pipe more than anything is the quality of it, important because quality directly influences the health effects of smoking; higher-quality lending for healthier smoke.

Quality can be defined for many reasons, usually beginning with the material.


Lower quality pipes are often made from plastics, metals, silicone, and wood. They are cheaper because they can be made through machinery and pumped out in large, bulk quantities, but they lack in quality and safety!

These types of pipes hinder the taste and effectiveness of the cannabis product, and they are not as safe as the glass counterparts. If a pipe is of quality, it will usually always be made of glass!

And to measure the quality of glass, the best is always nonporous borosilicate and done so based on thickness.

There are tons of benefits that come with high-quality glass, so click to learn more about exactly why you will get a better bang for your buck and your bong when purchasing an expensive piece.

High quality can also be defined by the number of unique characteristics within a pipe. The more percolators a bong has, for example, the more filtration said bong will have, lending for the cleanest and most effective smoke. Bongs of high quality will usually feature at least one perc, and the more the better!

But not only does the quantity of percs make a difference, but so does the type of perc itself. Some are extremely intricate in design, therefore requiring a higher price to craft resulting in the highest quality of percolator.

An expensive bong will usually have an ice catcher as well, and oftentimes more than one water chamber for the coolest, cleanest, and smoothest possible hit. So when looking at expensive bongs, the price should correlate depending on these available options.


The most expensive pipes and bongs will always be handmade, and it is in fact the artwork of glassblowing and the work of some of the most talented glassblowers that lend for the million-dollar price points.

Just as a painting is a fine art, glassblowing is considered the same, and not only are these creations elegant and eye-capturing sculptures, but they are also functional!

Of course, you probably won’t ever get to rip weed out of a million-dollar piece, but technically you could. And the fact that these beautiful sculptures can be actually used makes them that much cooler.

But don’t fret, handmade glass-blown pieces can be bought for completely affordable prices, allowing you to show off your very own smokable sculptures. Some will look like standard bongs, where others will feature unique shapes and sometimes take the look of a tangible item, something random like a skull or a dolphin. The choice is up to you.

And supporting glassblowers is great, as there is a huge community of them all working to make a living by providing us awesome pipes, and because of such the local artist should always be considered when purchasing a piece!

Expensive is Based on Perspective

We all have our own definitions of what expensive means to use based on our lives and our finances. It is your job to determine what that is for you, and therefore direct your shopping experience accordingly.

That being said, to reach any point of decent quality, you will have to shed out at least a hundred bucks, and to really pinpoint a nice middle ground you should expect to pay $200-400 for your piece. Anything more than that will be priced because of its value as art.

For this price, you should be able to get a nice, thick glass piece that features a few percolators and an ice catcher that, if taken care of correctly, will be all you need!

Standard spoon pipes will be a different story, and although they can also be amazing pieces of art, they do not feature the inclusion of water, so you can find them for a lot cheaper.

Three Crazy Expensive Pipes

And now for the goods, the million-dollar glass sculptures that, yup! You can smoke from them!

  1. Earl the Skeleton Pipe- Crafted by artist Kevin Murray, this skeleton sculpture is 36 inches long and features points to smoke out of on the arms, legs, and head! This functional art is said to be worth over $1 million.
  2. The Throne– A two-foot-tall collaboration of some of the best glassblowers in the world, this insane bubbler is currently available for view and purchase in Denver for a whopping 1 mil, and you can even buy it online!
  3. Scott Deppe’s Gold Encrusted Skull Bong– As if straight out of an Indiana Jones movie, this shining and shimmering skull bong features weed leaves as the shape of the skull encrusted with real gold. Available for a cool 100k, if ya have the funds!
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