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Things to Know Before Buying CBD Online

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With the legalization of CBD, its use has become so prevalent that finding a CBD product has become so easy. From tinctures, edibles chocolates, gummies, oral sprays to cosmetic products, CBD is produced in different forms.

Considering its growing popularity, it isn’t a surprise that CBD has turned into one of the fastest-growing industries of 2019. More and more companies are flocking into the CBD industry to benefit from its striving market.

In the past, there were limited consumers and a few brands, so finding the right CBD products was not a problem. But today, buying CBD is not as easy as hopping online and shopping for a CBD tincture. The availability of so many CBD brands has made the selection process a bit difficult.

To help you, here are things you need to consider before buying CBD online:

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Check the Quality-Check Process

The first thing you should check out when buying a CBD product is if a third-party laboratory has tested it. If yes, then look out for lab reports to check whether it is safe or not. Reports should be available online on the company’s website. If you are able to find them, that’s great! But if not, then chances are the company is not transparent and there might be a reason behind it.

One good possibility is that the 3rd-party lab reports weren’t satisfactory enough regarding the safety of the product. Meaning, the levels of THC might be high. That’s why checking analysis lab report is not an option, but a necessity.

The lab results are usually called Certificate of Analysis or CoA. Here, you can find the levels of THC present, if there are pesticides found and other chemicals.

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Levels of THC

THC is the component in cannabis plants that induces psychoactive effects. That’s why it is illegal to use in most states. The federal government has also legalized CBD usage only if it contains less than 0.3% of THC.

Because if it is higher than this amount, it can induce psychoactive results. Always check out the level of THC before buying a CBD product because your negligence can make you fall into the illegal activity’s category if you live in a state where THC is illegal. 

Quality of the Hemp

We all know that orange juice extracted from good quality oranges will be more beneficial and healthy. This is the same in the relation between CBD and the hemp plant.

CBD is mostly extracted from hemp, so the quality of hemp has a significant role in determining the results of CBD consumption.

Make sure that your selected CBD brand only deals with top-quality hemp suppliers to get quality CBD. The saying is true: Garbage-in, garbage-out. We find that the states pioneering on hemp farming has produced quality CBD compared to states that just legalized hemp farming.

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Ingredients Used

Don’t forget to scan the list of ingredients used in making the CBD product. Like, if you are looking to buy CBD Gummies, but the product doesn’t print the ingredients, don’t buy it.

Make sure that the product uses all-natural and organic ingredients. More importantly, it should also have premium ingredients that enhance the benefits of CBD products. For wholesale and retail CBD products,  check

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