INFOGRAPHIC: U.S. States that Legalized Medical Marijuana [With Labeling Regulations]

    states that legalize marijuana

    Medical marijuana or medical cannabis is a plant-based medicine used for treating diseases and symptoms. The Cannabis plant has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years across many cultures.

    Nowadays, in states where medical marijuana is legal, dispensaries sell cannabis products in a variety of forms – edibles (candies or cookies), oils and extracts, as well as the plant which can be smoked or inhaled.

    The only requirement for a person to get medical marijuana product is a prescription from a licensed health-care professional.

    A prescription is gained after a well-grounded estimation that the patient’s condition can or should be treated with medical cannabis.

    The only catch is that each state has its own list of the qualifying conditions for medical marijuana.

    This means that not every condition or a symptom is considered eligible for medical marijuana treatment in every state.


    In the USA, the trend of legalizing medical marijuana started at the end of 20th century.

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    The first state in the USA to legalize marijuana for medical purposes was California, in 1996.

    Today, more than twenty years later, more than half of the states have legalized medical marijuana.

    However, not all of the states have done so, and to this moment, there is no federal law that regulates medical marijuana production, retail, packaging and labeling of the products.

    Therefore, each state has its own regulations. Though labeling and packaging regulations differ depending on the state in which the product is sold, there are some common requirements.

    Regardless of the state, the information which need to be presented on the label are those concerning type of strain, weight, and warning statement.

    Some states (Washington, California, Michigan, Oregon, Colorado), however, have a special requirement that the information presented on the label needs to be followed by a specific symbol acquired by the state.

    Therefore, businesses are ought to follow the state regulations and stay up-to-date with latest legal changes when launching their medical marijuana  products.

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    Check out the infographic below and find out which states in USA have legalized marijuana for medical purposes, and what are their labeling regulations.


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