Ultimate Guide to Choosing Cannabis Seeds

ultimate guide to choosing cannabis seeds

Choosing cannabis seeds can be a daunting prospect. Until you find yourself staring at pages of indica, sativa, feminized and auto-flowering seeds you probably never realized just how many strains there are.

To help you order with confidence we will take you through each of the big choices that will ensure you choose the best seeds.

With a little inside knowledge, you will be able to grab a bargain, get your favorite varieties and know that they will produce a heavy harvest of the dankest bud.

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Indica Vs Sativa

Indica and Sativa refer to the two main varieties of cannabis plants. They have different physical traits and are known for different effects.

The understanding of these strains has recently developed to indicate that while the physical differences are obvious the effects of each variety is not always a clear cut.

It is possible to have examples of both strains that give many of the same effects of the opposite variety.

To get a clearer picture of the effect of a particular variety you need to look at the profile of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Different amounts and types of these active ingredients will give you a more accurate method to predict the effects.

For example, a strain that is more THC dominant may provide a strong euphoric effect. Strains that are CBD dominant can be relaxing while keeping you clear headed.

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Indica plants – These will grow to be short and bushy with wide leaves. They often have a larger yield than sativa plants and tend to grow faster. Their flowering cycle are shorter, and they are used to colder climates.

The effect of Indica – Generally indica strains are expected to have a sedative quality and cause relaxation. They can increase your appetite and even reduce pain.

Northern Lights, Big Bud and Purple OG Kush are all popular indica strains.

Sativa plants – Often a lighter shade of green these plants grow taller and have narrow leaves.

They are more suited to warmer climates, so they require more light while growing.

The effect of Sativa – Sativa strains are expected to provide more focus and creativity.

They are linked to anti-depressant and anti-anxiety effects and often have higher levels of THC.

Sour Diesel, Lemon Haze and Green Crack are well known sativa strains.

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Hybrids – Hybrids grow from seeds produced from the crossing of sativa and indica plants.

They provide a useful blend of the two sets of physical characteristics and effects.

There is a huge potential for variety within hybrids and they can often be described as indica dominant or sativa dominant depending on the strength of each set of characteristics.

Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush are popular hybrids.

When choosing between Indica, Sativa and hybrid don’t use this label alone.

Make your choice based on the individual variety’s profile of cannabinoids and terpenes and whether their physical properties, harvest and yield suit your needs.

ultimate guide to choosing cannabis seedsRegular or Feminized Seeds

Cannabis plants usually come in one of two types: male and female. In rare cases and if the plant becomes stressed they can become hermaphroditic.

Male plants produce pollen, female plants produce flowers and hermaphroditic plants produce both.

The cannabis flowers are the part that is used for its levels of cannabinoids and terpenes so female plants are the most desirable.

Regular seeds – When the pollen from a male plant fertilizes a female plant it produces seeds.

For each seed there is a nearly 50:50 chance that they will produce a male or female plant.

This means that for every seed you buy there is a chance that it may not yield flowers.

Feminized seeds – As the understanding of cannabis plants and their genetics was developed, a method to guarantee female plants was created.

Using feminized seeds you can ensure a crop of females that all produce resinous flower.

If a female plant is put under stress it can be forced to create its own pollen.

When pollen from a female plant is used to pollenate another female plant the seeds that are produced are always female.

This makes feminized seeds a good choice because they will grow a female plant 100% of the time.

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Auto-flowering Seeds

Auto-flowering plants are another useful development in plant genetics that increases the likelihood of a crop of cannabis flowers.

For regular female cannabis seeds to produce flowers they need specific light conditions.

These can be a week of long spring or summer days or for indoor set ups; 12 hours of artificial light and 12 hours of complete darkness a day.

Auto-flowering varieties will flower immediately when they reach maturity. This can often begin before 4 weeks and most auto-flowering plants are ready to harvest in less than 10 weeks.

This makes them a great option but there are some other differences. The plants are often smaller, which makes them good indoor plants, but they can produce lower yields.

seed banks

Selecting your seed bank

When choosing a seed bank, it is worth shopping around first. Now that you know your auto-flowering varieties from your feminized seeds you can begin to get to know what breeders and seed banks are available.

Many large online seed banks carry a huge range of strains from breeders all over the world.

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Reviews and customer’s opinions- If you are not sure where to start looking for seed banks in the U.S. start with ‘Best of’ lists and find those that are rated highly by others.

For those of you looking for UK seeds banks it is worth finding a list that provides you with the pros and cons of each bank.

Another good way is to find customer review sites that will give you the user view of each bank.

Reliability – By reading reviews from previous customers you can begin to get an idea of how reliable the seed bank is.

This is important because you want to be able to trust that you will receive your order quickly and safely.

Some offer stealth shipping options and a variety of other extras to help you get your seeds without telling everyone what you’ve ordered.

Also, seeds can occasionally get damaged during shipping or even be withheld by customs. See if anyone else has experienced this.

Usually it can be solved quickly if a company has good customer service systems and can send you a replacement without fuss.

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Selection of seeds – A good seed bank should be able to provide a wide selection of seeds.

Depending on your needs you might like to buy several of the same seed variety, or you might like to pick and mix a pack containing one of each of your favorites. (Look to see if this is available before you check out.)

It’s also worthwhile making sure you know if the price stated refers to one seed or one pack of seeds.

Extra offers and freebies – Many seed banks have loyalty reward systems that you can sign up to.

There are reductions and offers to be had if you sign up to their mailing list and some even send you a free gift as standard with each purchase.

It is worth shopping around as some seed banks will really help your money go further.

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Once you’ve found a reliable seed bank with some great offers you can begin to browse through all the great varieties there are to choose from.

Have a good idea of how you will use your seeds and what qualities they will need. This will help you decide if you want to choose feminized or auto-flowering seeds.

Once you’re selecting your strain look out for a cannabinoid and terpene profile that will suit you.

There are many amazing seeds out there so have fun and see if you can grab a bargain.

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