Upside Edibles

Upside Edibles


10.0 /10


10.0 /10

THC Content

10.0 /10


10.0 /10

What We Love

  • Delicious and Super Tasty
  • Accurately Dosed Pieces
  • Great Relaxing Experience


@UpsideEdibles offers 3 different edibles in different strengths and flavors. The cannabis products are Chocolate-covered Fruit Bites, Chocolate-covered Toffee and Chocolate Covered Apricots.

You can get cherry fruit bites that are dipped in Belgian dark chocolate, apricots that are dipped in Belgian milk chocolate and toffee dipped in Belgian dark chocolate. 

Every delicious cannabis edible piece comes with premium quality cannabis in a consistent dose. You can be assured of a safe and delightful experience.


  1. Upside Edibles Fruit Bites – Cannabis Chocolate covered fruit bites

The chocolate covered fruit bites are wonderful delicacies. The ingredients are organic and 100% natural.

There are 3 flavors to choose from – Strawberry dipped in Belgian Milk Chocolate, Blood Orange and Cherry dipped in Belgian Dark Chocolate. There are 18 strips in every pack. There are packs that come in a total of 300mg THC and 120mg THC.

2. Upside Edibles Toffee – Cannabis Chocolate covered toffee

The toffee is dipped in the signature Belgian chocolate from Upside Edibles. It comes in 3 flavors that include Classic Toffee in Belgian Milk Chocolate dip, Lemon Zest Toffee in Belgian Dark Chocolate dip and Orange Bliss Toffee in Belgian Dark Chocolate Dip. Each pack consists of 6 pieces, that comes in a total of 300mg THC and 120mg THC.

3. Upside Edibles Apricots – Cannabis Chocolate Covered Apricots

Chocolate-covered apricots are offered with imported, dried Turkish Apricots that are hand-dipped in the signature dark or milk Belgian chocolate. They come in 2 different packs. One which a total THC of 300mg and the other at 120mg.

What You Should Know About It

The cannabis chocolate fruit bites consist of the most superior ingredients and come with actual fruits and no artificial colors, artificial flavors, sugar, additives or preservatives.

These are designed to benefit health by boosting appetite, relieving tension and muscle spasms, and treating depression and anxiety.

Every savory piece comes with premium quality cannabis in a consistent amount. You can be amazed at the delicious experience that every piece offers.

Our Final Thoughts

We were able to try all the cannabis edibles of Upside Edibles. What we love about their cannabis edibles is that everything was delicious. The quality of the cannabis chocolates was mouthwatering. We couldn’t find anything wrong with it.

Each piece is accurately dosed so the consumer knows how much to take. The danger with other edibles is that you tend to take a lot because of how tasty it is.

But with Upside Edibles, you know your limit. What we felt really was peace in every piece. We experienced a good euphoria that did not overwhelm our senses. We highly recommend trying the cannabis products from Upside Edibles.

The cannabis chocolates from Upside Edibles come in different flavors.

All of their edibles are lab tested, packed and pre-measured, but as usual, here in Ganjly, we ask that you start low by dosing low.

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