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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Cannabis Presents for Cannabis Lovers




Do you need some pot-ent gift ideas for the cannabis lover in your life? We got you covered! Check out these awesome and unique gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Canlock: Stash+

stash+ cannabis jar

The Stash+ applies a principle well known in tobacco circles, namely that in order to keep the product fresh, you must prevent exposure to the air. This includes humidity as well, where the natural changes in humidity throughout the day will dry your stash and carry away some of those desirable properties, making it not smoke as well as a properly humidified one. Possibly even more importantly, the Stash+ Canlock lid will seal and pressurize the container, eliminating any odors associated with what you’ve stored inside. Adding a Boveda humidity pack to the mix, you can store your product almost indefinitely.

Dr. Dabber Boost EVO 


The Boost EVO is the hottest vape to the Dr. Dabber lineup. With the help of customer feedbacks, this new vaporizer uses proprietary technology to get you to your perfect dab. The Boost EVO electric dab rig offers state of-the-art temperature control, with a patent pending control sensor built in plus six unique calibrated heat settings – 500F to 750F. The EVO comes stacked with its very own quartz dish, interchangeable glass, 5 RGB light modes to set the mood and a Stealth Mode for discrete dabbing. Battery life is excellent giving you 60 hits on a single charge. You can find the Boost EVO in two colors: Moon White & Eclipse Black. 

Zenbarn Farms CBD

zenbarn farms

Zenbarn Farms CBD Oil is made for Purists. This natural, full spectrum CBD oil is gluten-free and vegan. It’s lab-tested and free of chemicals and solvents. This 1500mg natural CBD oil is grown sustainably in Vermont. Non-flavored, this CBD tincture tastes like fresh, earthy, rich hemp. It’s made with fast-absorbing MCT oil so you can experience the effects of this CBD without the wait.

Fat Buddha: Martini Glass Bubbler 

The Grav Martini Glass bubbler is elegant, beautiful and sleek but very discreet. This really looks like a martini glass but you can’t shake and stir it, only smoke it. You can expect potent, expansive hits that is being filtered smooth by a unique custom-fitted perc with this functional piece of glass. At 4.5″ tall at the top of the main chamber and 7″ tall at the top of the straw, this bubbler fits perfectly in your hand and very easy to pass. It features a broad swiss-hole perc. 

Willie’s Remedy Coffee

willies remedy coffee

Willie’s Remedy CBD infused coffee is a blend of go and slow – helping smooth out those caffeine peaks with CBD. True to Willie Nelson’s hippie roots, the coffee bears Fair-Trade certification, co-op farming, and an all-natural infusing process, keeping potentially harmful chemicals out of the process. The result is a smooth and rich blend that you could drink every day and serve to guests, and somehow has no hint of its CBD infusion in the taste or smell.

Willie’s Remedy Teas

willies remedy teas

The Willie’s Remedy brand also includes a line of tea products, which are more focused on relaxation. Green, Hibiscus, Breakfast, Chamomile and Peppermint round out the offerings, making excellent teas. Our personal favorite is the Chamomile, which combines the already soothing effects of a chamomile tea with CBD’s unique effects. The tea bags are larger than your typical bag, allowing for whole flowers and botanicals to be used, performing like an infuser rather than a standard tea bag. 

DaVinci IQ2

Packed with features like adjustable temperature, airflow, and even oven volume, the DaVinci IQ2 continues down the path of technological progress that we’ve seen with so many vaporizers in the last few years. Built with medical grade materials and controlled by DaVinci’s smartphone app, the IQ2 packs a lot of tech into a small package. Powered by a removable Li-Ion 18650 cell, it will operate for a full hour before needing to be recharged. The beautiful LED display on the casing provides feedback on the intensity and duration of your draws, and the app helps track dosage.

The Clear™ CBD: Salve

The Clear 500mg CBD salve is a highly concentrated ointment for aches & pains. Combining menthol and peppermint with the CBD in a beeswax medium, this natural and soothing mixture is great for what ails you. Simplicity is the main feature of The Clear, doing the job without creating too much mess or odor, and rubs into the skin easily. A favorite!

BFF Hemp’s #4 Inspire with CBD-V

Bucking the trend of CBD tinctures is Blue Forest Farms’ Hemp #4 – Inspire CBD-V tincture. Rather than being aimed at sleep and pain relief, this special mixture of rare cannabinoids is designed for alertness and energy. Ideally suited for those who are sensitive to THC, the #4 tincture includes varins and CBG, which is geared towards consumers who desire appetite suppression, improved concentration, and more uplifting effects normally associated with harsher energy boosters. 

CannaFlower’s Discovery Box

canna flower discovery boxTired of the engineered, nuclear grade cannabis products that induce couch-lock with a single hit? Sensitive to THC? Cannaflower has you covered. With (federally legal) low THC content, their Discovery Box is ideal for someone trying cannabis for the first time, or for those who wished for a return to the “grass” they (or your parents) smoked back in the 1970s. Sent in packaging that belies its contents, it includes both flower, pre-rolls, and a couple of other goodies, making for the perfect gift idea.

Lifted Made: Urb: Delta 8 Dabs 

delta 8 dabs

Urb’s Delta 8 Dabs are a slab concentrate. It’s stable with a pull and snap type of concentrate. It’s made with Delta 8 THC, along with other cannabinoids such as CBN and CBD for the maximum outcome. The strains are conveniently available by the gram and include Watermelon Zkittlez, Banana Runts, and Maui Wowie. Each jar contains 80%+ of D8.

Urb: Delta 8 Gummies

Urb Delta 8 THC Gummies are a new and tasty way to consume delta 8. The formula in Watermelon and Mango has recently been updated, and each of these containers offers ten 10mg gummies, meaning you get a rounded out 100mg of THC. Vegan flavors are also available in servings of 125mg and 250mg. In the 250mg packs come ten gummies, with each gummy infused with 25mg THC. The 125mg packs have 5 pieces in each, also at 25mg a piece. Urb Delta 8 gummies are non GMO. Vegan flavors include Birthday Cake, Tropical Lush, Green Apple, Strawnana Smoothie, and Watermelon.

Green Roads CBD Chocolate Bar

green roads chocolate bar

Green Roads makes a delicious CBD Chocolate Bar packing 180mg of CBD in a small batch artisanal dark chocolate. Featuring CBD isolate sourced from US-based hemp farms, this is a CBD only product that contains no THC. Made from 62% cacao, this bar is pleasantly dark without being bitter tasting, and owing to the purity of the ingredients no odor or tastce of the cannabinoids is detectable. 

Cloudious 9 Saucey Tectonic9 Auto Dispensing Grinder 

cloudious9 saucey tectonic grinder

The Saucey Tectonic9 Special Edition Auto Dispensing Grinder is very durable and consistent with it’s even dispensing mechanism. This grinder is made with space grade anodized aluminum with a sleek matte finish. The motor is optimized at the perfect vibration frequency. It automatically dispenses flower once it’s done grinding and takes the guesswork in getting that perfect amount. It dispenses in a convenient and clean fashion that you don’t have to worry about making a mess and cleaning up. What’s even better is that it has a viewing window with LED light so you can check your flower storage quantity. 

HighonLove Objects of Desire Gift Set 

The Objects of Desire Gift set from HighonLove is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. What’s included in the box is HighonLove’s Stimulating Oil and the JOPEN Palm Massager. Their Stimulating Oil has premium cannabis seed oil infused with heavenly all-natural oils to create the ultimate intimate experience. Use the Stimulating Oil intimately to moisturize and indulge in this pleasurable experience. The JOPEN, a Calexotics product, is a mini massager that fits in the palm of your hand with ease. It has 7 vibration functions and 5 unique speeds. 

Dark Chocolate Body Paint 

chocolate body paint high on love

HighonLove’s Dark Chocolate Body Paint is presented in a heart shaped container. The Paint is an aphrodisiac and is created with dark chocolate infused-hemp seed oil. HighonLove’s Dark Chocolate body paint takes intimacy to a whole new level and allows you to indulge in pure bliss. The body paint is made in small volumes with 100% all-natural ingredients to provide you the highest quality experience .

Urb: Delta 8 THC Cartridge 

Urb’s Delta 8 THC Cartridges are produced with high-quality Delta 8 THC Distillate. It’s thoroughly matched with terpene profiles. These carts come with a ceramic coil, which negates risks of burning the distillate and helps achieve a smooth hit. Urb’s Delta 8 carts are additive free, and contain 88% Delta 8 THC in each cartridge. Strains available include Blue Zkittlez Hybrid, Strawberry Shortcake Indica, Twisted Citrus Sativa, Heady Hybrid, Lemon Haze Sativa, and Purple Punch Indica.

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