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19 Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him and Her

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Do you need some gift ideas for the significant lover in your life for VDay? We got you covered from unique, hi-tech, chill, inexpensive to luxury gifts for him and her. Check out these awesome and unique gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.


Poi Dog Hot Sauce Set

poi dog sauce philly

Spice up your love life, literally! These hot pepper sauces will bring tears to your lover’s eyes, literally! Poi Dog Sauces are a line of three small-batch, Hawaiian-inspired signature sauces from Chef Kiki Aranita. Kiki, pivoted and closed her restaurant from the pandemic and scaled her production of these three unique and distinct flavorful sauces. The Guava Katsu sauce which is a Japanese-style bbq sauce has a tropical, umami-rich, and gingery taste. The Chili Peppah Water is a spicy, vinegary tang, a gingery kick laced with Hawaiian Sea Salt and it’s made with seasonal Pennsylvania peppers. This sauce is popular and is found on most tables in Hawaii. The Maui Lavender Ponzu is made from Maui Lavender blossoms steeped with katsuobushi in Japanese yuzu juice, shoyu, and rice vinegar.


Willie’s Remedy Coffee

willies remedy coffee

Willie’s Remedy CBD infused coffee is a blend of go and slow – helping smooth out those caffeine peaks with CBD. True to Willie Nelson’s hippie roots, the coffee bears Fair-Trade certification, co-op farming, and an all-natural infusing process, keeping potentially harmful chemicals out of the process. The result is a smooth and rich blend that you could drink every day and serve to guests, and somehow has no hint of its CBD infusion in the taste or smell.


Higher Standards x Revelry Escort

higher standards revelry

We found a very unique gift for your special man but it’s so awesome that the women may want one too! It’s a water resistant, smell-proof backpack that was produced from an exclusive collaboration between Higher Standards and Revelry. The Escort is lockable and has a laptop divider plus a secret inner stash pocket that holds more material. It features an exclusive solid black interior lining with white piping, and a black, rubber-backed canvas. The best part is that it’s constructed with a Carbon Filter System from layers of odor-absorbing charcoal and synthetic filters that traps any unwanted smells. This is great as an everyday work or gym backpack or even a travel backpack.


Eat Me Guilt Free Brownies

eat me guilt free brownies

Eat Me Guilt Free is a line of protein-packed, low-carbohydrate brownies created by Cuban American Cristie Besu. She’s a Registered Nurse and a Certified Sports Nutritionist-turned-mompreneur. Her brownies as well as her other products are a great Valentine’s Gift for the lover who is health-conscious. Check out her February’s Flavor of the month which are metallic red-covered chocolate brownies. Check out also a few of our favorite flavors are Red Velvet, Birthday Cake, Tuxedo, and Peanut Butter Bliss brownies.


Boveda Home Grow Kit

boveda home grow kit

The Boveda Home Grow Kit is a perfect gift for the grower in your life. In the kit include one of each: small CVault, 10-pack size 4 Boveda, 2-liter CVault, and 4-pack 67 Boveda. The Boveda packs keep the flowers fresh for two to four months in LP-grade CVault containers. The packs save your terpines, preserve the aroma and flavors and cure your medicine. It protects against mold and over drying. The CVault is shatterproof and has a food-grade silicon seal that prevents oxidation of cannabis. Just drop a Boveda pack and shut the CVault container with the specially engineered lid and the flower is preserved.


G Pen Roam Vaporizer

g pen roam vaporizer

The G Pen Roam Vaporizer is a small, discreet, and portable concentrate rig. Each kit comes with a hemp travel case with room for concentrate jars and a pocket for accessories. It’s easy to use and clean. The draw is very smooth and it’s an awesome device overall that it’s a perfect gift for the smoker in your life. The housing is made of durable aluminum with a full LED display. What we love about this vape is that the heat can be tailored and controlled by a digital temperature control ranging from 400° – 800°+F. A haptic feedback makes it convenient to smoke alerting you that the Roam is ready for use.


SUGAR by Eighty Six Brand

eighty six brand

If brownies or coffee won’t work for your love one, how about some sugar? SUGAR by Eighty Six Brand gives you a full experience with their Delta8 edibles. They have everything from sour peach rings, gummies, delectable chocolates, baked foods and mints in so many flavors. Give your love one a good buzz and a little boost with their GMO-free goodies. What’s even better is that all their products are third-party lab-tested and ISO-9001 certified.


No, Thank You Lip Balms

no thank you lip balm

Give your lips some love this Valentine’s and give your best friend or your significant other some lip love too! No, Thank You Lip Balms are a great gift for anyone. Their full-spectrum CBD Lip Balm is intensely nourishing, locks in the moisture in your lips all day, and keeps your lips hydrated throughout the day. It’s better than your average chapstick because of its unique velvety formula that actually lasts.


Green Roads CBD Chocolate Bar 180mg

green roads chocolate bar

What better way to express your love with a blissful CBD Chocolate Bar from Green Roads. Their gourmet, vegan dark chocolate bar is evenly divided into 15mg break-away pieces. It’s delicious and luxurious with 62% cacao and 180mg CBD from American hemp. It’s handcrafted in small batches by a local chocolatier.


Willie’s Remedy Teas

willies remedy teas

The Willie’s Remedy brand also includes a line of tea products, which are more focused on relaxation. Green, Hibiscus, Breakfast, Chamomile and Peppermint round out the offerings, making excellent teas. Our personal favorite is Chamomile, which combines the already soothing effects of a chamomile tea with CBD’s unique effects. The teabags are larger than your typical bag, allowing for whole flowers and botanicals to be used, performing like an infuser rather than a standard teabag. 


Tectonic9 Auto Dispensing Grinder 

tectonic9 cloudious

The Tectonic9 Special Auto Dispensing Grinder is very durable, reliable, and consistent with its even dispensing mechanism. This electronic grinder is made with space-grade anodized aluminum with a sleek matte finish. It has a hidden spout to accurately position your aim. It automatically dispenses flower once it’s done grinding and takes the guesswork in getting that perfect amount. It dispenses in a convenient and clean fashion that you don’t have to worry about making a mess and cleaning up. What’s even better is that it has a viewing window with LED light so you can check your flower storage quantity. It’s a one-button user-friendly interface and a slidable dispensing gate that securely stores the herb.


EVRI Starter Pack + Glass Attachment

evri vape pen

EVRI by Dip Devices is a very unique, multi-functional vape pen and electronic dab straw. It’s compact and sleek in design. The starter pack has a glass attachment so you can easily connect it to your favorite glass! It has three convenient heat settings as well. The draw is massive with a micro USB 900mah battery that magnetically connects to attachments like the Vapor Tip Atomizer and the 510 Pod attachment. In red color, 1% of sales is donated to Blood Donation (drug policy reform via and


Lunar Dip Devices

lunar dip devices

For the lover that wants to be discrete with vaping, Lunar by Dip Devices is a great gift. It is a pack-and-go concentrate vaporizer that is easy to clean and easy to use. It’s small enough to fit in your jeans pocket. This convenient vape has the patented Air Flow Technology of Dip Devices. For a limited time, order it pre-sale and get a bonus of 2 replacement atomizers.


Daily High Club Heart Bong

daily high club heart bong

If your loved one loves cannabis, the new durable Daily High Club Heart Bong is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. It’s super elegant and cool. This unique heart-shaped bong is available in green or pink and has a 2 slit fixed downstem. It’s 8 inches high and also includes a 14mm Female Joint and a premium 14mm Male Flower Bowl. This bong is perfect for dabs and bong rips.


Loud CBD Intimate Moisturizer (Magic Lube)

heylo loud intimate moisturizer

Loud by Heylo Create is a magical silicone-based lube that is created for intimate pleasures. It’s a hemp-infused moisturizer with 100mg of hemp isolate that takes your sexy time to another level. The silky lube tingles and gives your partner a warm wonderful sensation. All ingredients are very safe for human use.  For Valentines Day, create magic in the bedroom with your loved one with the help of Loud.


HH Delta8 Chewable Tablets

delta8 chewable

Delta8 is getting popular in the market and has produced quality Delta8 edibles. Their products are all gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, and organic. Try gifting their chewable tablets to your loved one! Their Delta8 Chewable Tablets make dosing easy and convenient. They come in a duo pack of Strawberry and Black Cherry flavor and has 5 tablets for each pack. Each tablet has 25mg of Delta8 with a total of 125mg.


Vance Organic THC-O Cigarettes

vance cigarettes

Vance Global is known for using quality organic and natural ingredients for all its products. Their 50mg THC-O cigarettes are made from organic hemp and are produced with great care in-house with their patented recipe. Each cigarette uses the highest potency organic THC-O flower. It contains less than 0.3% THC and has high airflow biodegradable filters. THC-O cigarettes may give the consumer an energetic and psychoactive sensation. It may also ease pain relief, enhance creativity, increase relaxation and boost mental health.


Ocean Beach by Cookies

cookies broadway ocean beach

Cookies in Denver, Colorado has always been producing high-quality cannabis. They’ve been known for their excellent, tasty flowers and gummies. Their Ocean Beach flower is a great gift for your cannabis lover that’s looking for a high similar to surfing a narly nalu. It’s a hybrid with about 29% THC. Expect a calm, happy, relaxed, and energetic effect from Ocean Beach.

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