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Vaping CBD Isolate [Most Potent Way To Vape CBD]

Whether you are a novice or a veteran, when it comes to vape, there are tons of decisions to be made. What kind of device should you buy? What sort of substance should you vape that will also be compatible with your device? 

With nicotine, vape juices, and CBD vape oil already becoming a ‘hit’ with the users, CBD isolate is the newest addition. If you are contemplating using CBD isolate with your vape, here is all you need before trying it out.

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Image Source: Pixabay
Image Source: Pixabay

What is CBD vape?

For the ones who are new to the world of vaping, a vape is a compact electronic device that lets you inhale CBD in the form of vapors. These days you can find various types of vaping devices on the market.

You can choose from vape pens to vape pods, with pod systems being the latest on the market. While a primary vape device is identical to a cigarette, it is a much safer alternative as it does not burn any chemicals.

Typically a vape device has a battery, a coil, and a tank that holds the liquid or plant matter. Upon turning on the vape, you complete the circuit, which heats the liquid to a temperature high enough to produce vapor for you to inhale.

Depending upon your choice of vape juice and the type of vape device, you can vape nicotine, CBD isolates, CBD oil, or dry cannabis. With plenty of alternatives and affordable options, vaping is already a rage.

But, with the availability of CBD oil and CBD isolate, medicinal users of cannabis are also considering vaping as a viable option to get the required hit of this magical element to treat pain or inflammation.

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What is CBD Isolate?

Image Source: Pixabay
Image Source: Pixabay

CBD is one of the many cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. It is CBD that makes cannabis a therapeutic plant and helps to nourish the body from inside.

But, then what exactly is CBD isolate? If you are looking for the purest form of the compound, it is CBD isolate because the crystal powder has 99% pure CBD. For all those vape lovers, your new favorite CBD pens are here at a lesser price than ever. 

The hemp plants go through a rigorous and detailed process that removes all other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavors, chlorophyll, wax, and oil, and you get pure CBD isolates in the end.

Since it has no traces of THC, CBD isolate will not get you high. Although CBD isolates do not contain many other beneficial compounds that are present in full-spectrum CBD, the powder is still versatile, and you can use it in many ways. 

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How is vaping CBD isolate different?

Image Source: Pexels
Image Source: Pexels

Although CBD isolate is easy to measure and is an effective way of ingesting, it requires higher dosing. You can find CBD isolate in the form of oil or powder.

You can either mix the powder to your regular vape juice or buy ready-made CBD isolate vape oil. You can even vape CBD isolate powder directly if you happen to have a concentrate vaporizer and a dab tool.

If you plan to add the isolate to your regular e-juice, you must take into consideration the concentration of VG and PG content in the vape juice, and how CBD isolate will react to it.

Almost 90% of the vape juice consists of either Propylene Glycol (PG) or Vegetable Glycerin (VG), and it helps in distributing the flavor across the entire bottle of e-liquid.

You can also invest in a dab rig or wax pen that works like any other vape device but allows you to vape CBD isolate instead. To procure high-quality CBD make sure you visit industrial hemp farms.

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Here are the pros of vaping CBD isolate that makes it a popular choice:

Instant effect: If you are planning to vape for medical reasons, be it pain or anxiety, you might be looking for instant relaxation. CBD isolates can help you meet that much faster than any other way.

Since the isolate is the purest form of CBD, it has the highest content that goes straight into your lungs and then to your bloodstream from where it goes to various parts of the body.

When taken in the right dosage, it can calm your nerves and relax your mind within a few minutes.

Pocket-friendly: While vaping is already an affordable way to use cannabis since it is a one-time investment on the vape, vaping CBD isolates makes it more economical.

The isolate comes at a pocket-friendly price when you compare it with CBD oil or vape juice. You can invest in a quality vape and keep getting CBD isolates for regular use without burning a hole in your pocket. 

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Easy to track the dosage: When it comes to other ways to consume CBD, it can get tricky to know the amount of this compound that you are ingesting.

But, with CBD isolate, the case is different. Since CBD isolate does not contain any other chemicals, it is safe to say that the amount of the isolate you use while vaping, will be the amount of cannabidiol that goes into your body.

For instance, 1mg isolate will give you 1mg of CBD. You can use any basic household scale to measure the amount of CBD you vape with ease.  

Zero amount of THC: Since the isolate is the cleanest and purest form of the cannabinoid, it has zero amount of THC present in it.

CBD isolate will not induce any psychoactive effects after use. It will not show up on a drug test.

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No added flavors: While CBD oil has a nutty taste to it and the vape juices contain artificial additives to give it different tastes, you might want to go the natural way. CBD isolate has no flavor added to it and has zero additives, making it entirely organic and safe for use.

How to store CBD isolate?

CBD isolate has a long shelf life, but you should make sure that you store CBD isolate powder in a cool and dark place.

Keep it in an airtight container in a place where it is beyond the reach of kids and pets. If stored well, it can stay fresh for years.

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Image Source: Pixabay
Image Source: Pixabay

Final Thoughts

CBD is helping transform the lives of many people around the globe, despite its form. Vaping CBD isolates can be an effective way to enjoy the goodness of CBD effortlessly. It can help you with many health issues, be it physical or mental.

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