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Dank Fung Review: Stunning Executive Vape [24-Karat Gold]

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When you get the Executive by Dank Fung, at that point you know you’ve accomplished a grade A status in the smoking world.

This is a wax and extract atomizer. Although it is priced at $140, let us tell you why it has value for your money.

This is a perfectly created extravagance vape unit in the design of a high-end composing pen, with a well-shaped red gift case filled with a marked silicone and custom 100% unadulterated titanium dabbing device. 

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The Executive by Dank Fung is plated in 24-karat gold and glass encased ceramic bowl, which makes it a bit expensive, yet you would appreciate its ceramic coil-less heater, its fountain pen-style appearance, a single quartz bar with titanium curl radiator, a lithe design and a sharp pen cap.

The Executive likewise comes in its own particular ultra-swanky fur-lined box which makes it sturdy, solid, simple to utilize thereby giving you a pleasant hit.

With regards to the battery of the Executive, you’ll see 3 distinctive  

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temperature settings (Low [BLUE] – Med [GREEN] – High [RED]).

Tap the button 3 times to switch between them.

The battery additionally has a general 510 threaded and can be utilized with disposable cartridges.

It would be advisable to use the blue temperature setting to coordinate the voltage that expendable cartridges favor. 

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The Dank Fung Executive Kit includes:

– DFE 3 Stage Vape Battery 650 mAh

– Glass Atomizer Cover

– DFE Quartz Rod w/Titanium Coil Atomizer

– DFE Ceramic Plate Atomizer

– USB Charger

– Premium Titanium Dab Tool

– Discreet Pen Cap Cover

– Silicone Dab Container

Overall we love the color and design of Dank Fung’s Executive. The performance is impressive and we love that it has temperature control and settings.

This vape is very shiny and attractive. The materials that were used to make this was very sturdy and durable.

To know more about The Executive, go to

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