Friday, September 30, 2022

Vyripharm Enterprises Inc. held its 2022 Legislative Summit For Public Health and Public Safety with Keynote Speaker Congressman Dan Crenshaw

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HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Vyripharm Enterprises Inc. and BIZPAC.US hosted the First Annual Vyripharm Public Health and Safety Legislative Reception on August 31, 2022 at the Texas Medical Center (TMC) Institute Innovation Factory, TMC’s 1st phase biotech incubator and accelerator.

The purpose of the event was to brief Texas State and Federal legislative members on the importance of a proper regulatory framework to protect and promote public health and safety related to the expansion of the Texas Compassionate Use (TCUP) Program and the emerging U.S. Cannabis Industry. The keynote speaker at this event was U.S. Congressman Dan Crenshaw.


As the State of Texas prepares to expand its TCUP for medical program usage as well as the alignment of the federal approval of legalization of Cannabis and Cannabinoid based products, having a regulatory oversight program in place for Public Health and Public Safety is essential to the stability of the entire industry. Presently, the U.S. Congress is reviewing bills from both Democrats and Republicans that support the establishment of national cannabis legalization and changing cannabinoid-based medicine to Schedule 2. If any bill passes the Senate before the end of October with a simple majority, it will open cannabis related medical research throughout the United States. In addition, Federal cannabis legalization would have a huge impact on Texas, forcing the State to focus on proper Regulatory Oversight for Public Health and Safety regarding the expansion of the state initial TCUP program.

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“The protection of the public’s health and safety is critical as Texas looks to expand the current Texas Compassionate Use Program, and as the United States moves towards legalizing medical cannabis,” said Dr. Elias Jackson, Vyripharm Enterprises Sr. Vice President of Government and Scientific Affairs. “By focusing on protecting American’s health and safety, Texas and the United States will create a robust medical cannabis/hemp industry that has comprehensive regulatory framework and oversight. This will not only protect the public’s health and safety, but also the U.S. legal cannabis market as well.”

The healthcare initiative of Vyripharm Enterprises Inc., TMC top researchers, and medical institutions is to provide cutting-edge medical information to Texas State government members and U.S. federal members regarding the implementation of a regulatory framework platform operation and the impact its operation will have on the state of Texas from both an economic and a public health/safety approach. This is in keeping with Vyripharm’s mission to reduce the toxicity of poly-pharmaceuticals, increase quality of patient care, and improve quality of life as it relates to the Texas-TCUP expansion and the U.S. Industry.

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About Vyripharm Enterprises Inc.

Vyripharm is a disruptive biopharmaceutical/biotechnology innovator in personalized medicine focusing on the integration of traditional and alternative medicine. Our aim is to ensure the security of agri-biopharmaceuticals through our commitment to public health and safety. Vyripharm Enterprises, Inc. holds foundational patents in safety certification and regulation of cannabinoids in the United States and 40 other countries around the world. Vyripharm’s current diagnostic and therapeutic areas of emphasis are infectious diseases, neurological disorders, and cancer.


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