Wax Liquidizer Review: Vaping the Easy and Tasty Way

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Wax Liquidizer turns waxes, shatter, as well as other concentrates into tasty vape juice in just a few seconds. The company offers six amazing flavors that are not only flavorful but also give you a smooth taste. Extremely discreet, their products have no nicotine or vegetable glycerin.

The company’s premium products give users a delicious and incredible vaping experience. Using only top-of-the-line ingredients, the products do not have additives that can affect performance and taste.

With Wax Liquidizer, you can begin vaping wax using any standard vape pen.

wax liquidizer

Wax Liquidizer – Mix Kit, $99

We reviewed their Mix Kit that came with the following items: E-juice Mix Kit with 15 mil Original, Grape Ape, Banana OG, Ice Hit, Strawberry Cough, Pineapple Express Flavors. With Wax Liquidizer’s Mix Kit, turning wax concentrates into tasty e-juice is easy, precise, and hassle-free.

Wax Liquidizer – Grape Ape

Wax Liquidizer also offers Grape Ape flavor to give you a different kick in your herbal oil, concentrate, or wax. Users commend the product for its unique, sweet taste that is at the same time not overpowering.

Wax Liquidizer – Pineapple Express

Wax Liquidizer also offers a fruity and sharp taste of pineapples that will make you immediately reminisce of hot, vibrant summer days every time you take a hit of herbal oil, concentrate or wax.

Wax Liquidizer – Banana OG

You can heighten the taste of your herbal oil, wax, or other concentrates if you add the exciting taste and aroma of ripe bananas in order to satisfy the cravings you have.

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Wax Liquidizer – Original

Get a maximum experience from your amazing herbal oil concentrate, with no additional flavors to affect the sensation.

Wax Liquidizer – Ice Hit

Ice Hit is for the menthol lovers out there. The product is not only extra smooth as well as extra cool but also delicious.

Wax Liquidizer – Strawberry Cough

You can heighten the flavor of your herbal oil, concentrate, or wax, by adding a little flavor and kick of freshly-picked berries, letting you capture an amazing flavor of summer.

E-juices that are created with your Wax Liquidizer will retain the smoothness of the flavors to give you a heightened taste as well as the effect of the vaping experience. The company makes it easy for you to mix wax, herbal oil, or concentrate easily and without a hitch in just a few seconds.

You can vape anytime and anywhere you choose, since the company’s electronic juices offer users a smoke-free, and even odor-free vaping experience. Thus, you are perfectly free to vape anytime you want it in all the places since it gives you the discretion to enjoy any of the company’s great tasting flavors.

Wax Liquidizer allows you to create the ideal hash oil or concentrate-infused vape oil that is not available previously. An amazing vaping experience with the company’s products mean just creating the vape juice you prefer, use any standard vape pen, and you are good to go.

Users praised the company for giving them an amazing concentrate of infused vape oil. In addition, Wax Liquidizer provides you a wide array of great flavors that you can select from to bring your vaping experience to another level.

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