Ways of Using Cannabis without Smoking

use cannabis without smoking

Marijuana, also widely known as cannabis, weed, and pot, is a mixture of dried flowers from the cannabis plant. Its popularity has experienced a sharp incline, thanks to advocates of its numerous deemed benefits, who have tirelessly fought for its legalization and in regular instances, achieved success.

Smoking weed in a hand-rolled cigarette is a long-standing tradition amongst marijuana devotees. As this method is not everyone’s choice, time and attention have been applied to establishing alternative ways of use.

  • Vapes
    A distinguishing feature is that vaping devices allow you to inhale the vapor, rather than inhaling smoke. Vaping involves heating cannabis concentrate to a temperature that turns active the cannabinoids, THC & CBD being the most prolific of these chemical compounds. The former creates the well-documented and euphoric high and the latter tends to induce a relaxed state, without the intoxicated high. There are many benefits of using vapes as a marijuana consumption method, and if you’re looking for the perfect device for you then take a look at what MagicVaporizers offers. The biggest benefit of using these devices is that the effects are felt within 15 minutes and last up to a couple of hours. Vaping marijuana can be consumed by a vaporizing pen, or a portable or tabletop vaporizer.
  • Edibles
    Fast to make its effects are edibles, which are food items into which weed is mixed. In addition to the perceived benefit of fast to act, are the long-lasting effects, which have led to overuse by those who don’t ensure sufficient time has passed before heading to the kitchen for another cookie or jelly baby.
  • Tinctures
    The eyedropper within a glass tincture bottle, in this instance used to contain alcohol infused with cannabis, is beneficial to the user. Careful management of dosage is the important difference between enjoying the experience and doing yourself harm. The application of drop-by-drop dosing is more precise than other methods. Tinctures are slower to act than smoking and edibles.
  • Topicals
    Cannabis-infused oils, creams, and sprays are applied on and absorbed through the skin. This application is not intended for those wanting the marijuana high, but rather the effect of reduced inflammation and pain. That the cannabinoids do not enter the bloodstream is considered beneficial by some. Increased access to cannabis, its efficacy in skincare, and first aid have changed perceptions and users now include those who may have looked down on pot smokers previously.
  • Drinkables
    Some consider cannabis teas, non-alcoholic beers & tonics a safer drink than alcohol and you don’t have to get your lungs dirty by smoking it. Your relaxing cup of tea enjoyed after a long workday, now also has a function, thanks to this newest member of the ingredient family. Loaded with nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants drink it for its multitude of benefits.
  • Capsules
    Likely one of the easiest methods of administering CBD, in pill form, contains a precise quantity of the cannabinoid and this product has been tested. Both factors offer a greater level of safety for the user. They can be filled with a single cannabinoid or a full spectrum of these chemical compounds. Capsules provide a potent dose with long-lasting effects. Identical to edibles, the compounds enter through the mouth and are absorbed into the stomach.
  • Transdermal patches
    A transdermal patch is a plaster that contains a specific amount of CBD, which when applied to the skin uses body heat to absorb the cannabinoid into your system and target specific problems, internally and on the surface of the skin.

Without accurately monitoring your dosage, you cannot realize the full benefits made available from this natural source. Smoking is no longer your only way of using cannabis. Knowing what is available to you via each consumption method can inform your choice, for your specific needs.

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