Paving the Way to 3rd Generation Vaporizers

Modern vaporizing of dry herb has been a long term endeavor, the roots of which can be traced back to as far as 1993 when the Shave and Vape, a vaporizer similar to the Dynavap M was first made. While effective in practice, it still required an external heat source in the form of a butane torch, making it unwieldy especially for beginners or first time users.

The First Generation of Vaporizers: Desktops

Soon after, the 1st generation of vaporizers made their way to the commercial market as Storz & Bickel found a way around this problem by developing the original Volcano desktop vaporizer.

Relying on an AC power supply, the Volcano was one of the first modern dry herb vaporizers that featured temperature control that could be easily dialed in at a moment’s notice.

It wasn’t without its shortcomings however as the stationary nature of the Volcano prevented any form of portability.

1st Generation Vaporizer

The 2nd Generation of Vaporizers: Portables

2nd generation vaporizers solved the portability issue with the use of butane and lithium-ion batteries as a power and heat source.

While these were relatively more convenient due to their more compact and inherently portable form factor, there was still the issue of conveniently measuring, grinding, and loading the requisite dry herb into the vaporizer’s heating chamber.

A flat surface was often if not required to set up a 2nd generation vaporizer for use, preventing 2nd generation vaporizers from achieving true portability and ease of use.

2nd Generation Vaporizer

Enter: The 3rd Generation Vaporizer

3rd generation vaporizers effectively solve all these issues. The process of carefully measuring, grinding, and loading dry herb into the vaporizer’s heating chamber has been streamlined, simplified, and overall optimized for the utmost of convenience for the end user, whether they be a beginner or long-time enthusiast.

An excellent example of this are the Zeus ArcPods which when used in conjunction with a Zeus Xtruder, allow the end-user to effortlessly prepare their dry herb and vaporizer for quick and straightforward sessions without all the hassle.

3rd Generation Vaporizer

How Do 3rd Generation Vaporizers Work?

One of the first 3rd Generation vaporizers, the Zeus Arc GTS Hub provides everything one would need to conveniently set up their dry herb and vaporizer for use even when on the go. The process of loading up an ArcPod with dry herb is as simple as grinding pepper.

Zeus ArcPods are designed from the ground up to work perfectly in conjunction with the Xtruder. Simply attach an ArcPod to the Xtruder, then grind away and watch as the dry herb seamlessly feeds into the ArcPod, which automatically ejects once it reaches its maximum dry herb capacity of 0.3 grams.

Xtruder ArcPods

What Are the Advantages?

Aside from the more convenient grinding and loading process provided by a 3rd Generation vaporizer setup, the use of an Xtruder and ArcPod totally eliminates the need for a flat surface or table. This enables easy refilling of ArcPods even when on the move.

Since the ArcPod also automatically ejects once fully loaded with 0.3 grams of dry herb, this also ensures a more consistent vaping experience between sessions, without the need to measure the amount of dry herb.

With the quick and convenient process that a 3rd Generation vaporizer such as the Zeus Arc GTS Hub provides, filling up multiple ArcPods in succession becomes a straightforward and more enjoyable process. This also means that users will be able to easily vape multiple sessions in a row, only needing to swap out the ArcPod instead of having to manually refill the heating chamber with dry herb.

“Streamlined processes in third-generation vapes like grinding and chamber loading make for the most convenient sessions and overall use of selected products. With the Zeus Arc GTS Hub, users will utilize the whole kit with such accessories as the Xtruder, Pod-knocker, and ArcPods.” –

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