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What to Do With Weed Seeds: Everything You Need to Know

As a proud supporter of cannabis culture, you want to make sure that you use as much of the plant as is possible. 

While most people can make use of the buds, flowers, and even leftover shake with ease, far fewer weed enthusiasts know what to do with weed seeds. 

However, marijuana weed seeds are quickly becoming as popular as other recent cannabis trends, like vaping THC or using CBD balms to get relief from aches and pains. 

Whether you’re interested in feminized cannabis seeds or auto-flowering seeds, you might be surprised by the many different ways in which you can use and enjoy them. 

Read on to learn more about what to do with marijuana seeds. 

Grow Your Own Cannabis

Perhaps the most obvious way to use marijuana seeds is to grow your own cannabis.

Before you do, make sure that doing so is legal in your state. You don’t want to end up accidentally committing a felony because you were unfamiliar with the law. Be aware that, even in states where it’s legal to enjoy cannabis, you may be required to have a specific license to grow cannabis. 

Once you’re cleared to use the leftover seeds in weed to grow your own cannabis, you could begin a very lucrative business.

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Enjoy a Snack

Looking for a tasty, small snack that’s as nutrient-rich as it is delicious? 

Believe it or not, if you’re curious about what to do with pot seeds, you can enjoy them as you would any other kind of cannabis edible.

Many people say the texture is a bit like a combination of sunflower seeds and chickpeas, so you likely won’t find the taste to be off-putting. You can opt to roast them, enjoy them shelled, or even sprinkle them on top of a salad or toss them in your morning oatmeal. 

We love this recipe for on-the-go seed bars (replace the pumpkin seeds or chia seeds with cannabis seeds.) 

Of course, as with any edible, you’ll be able to enjoy a pleasant high from the THC in your cannabis seeds. However, you’ll also get some serious nutrients. These include Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, zinc, potassium, and A, B, and D vitamins. 

Talk about a guilt-free snack!

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Can You Smoke Weed Seeds?

Lots of people are curious about the possibility of smoking weed seeds.

Here, the golden rule of “just because you can smoke something doesn’t mean you should” definitely applies. 

In most cases, if you smoke your seeds (whether you crush them or not) you’ll just end up with a headache and not much of a high.

It’s simply not worth it. Plus, weed seeds give you the opportunity to be a bit more creative with how you enjoy cannabis.


Create Cannabis Oil

Still curious about what to do with weed seeds?

Why not use them to create your own cannabis oil?

Once you’ve made cannabis oil, you’ve got a base for all kinds of different cannabis product opportunities. You can use it to make edibles, brew up a cannabis bath comb, or even use it as a tincture for a faster high. 

As the cannabis beauty product trend continues to increase, you can save tons of cash by using cannabis oil to make your own. Check out this easy guide for a step-by-step instruction manual regarding extracting oil from cannabis.

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Share Them with Animals

Do you have a beloved pet that’s recovering from surgery or has a painful health condition? 

We know that there are few things worse than seeing an animal in pain. Cannabis seeds, when given to pets in moderation, can offer much-needed pain relief to animals, just as they do for humans. 

Bird owners say that feeding their feathered friends cannabis seeds can actually get them “in the mood” to breed. Since rodents also enjoy the taste of the seeds, homeowners have been known to use them as bait in rat/mouse traps. 

The seeds don’t poison these pests, but, like a piece of cheese, they lure them to the traps you’ve set.

Interestingly, some people say they use cannabis seeds as bait when fishing.

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You Can Buy Them Online

Especially given the popularity of cannabis, it’s relatively easy to find weed seeds for sale online. But there are also full-grown weed for sale online if you don’t want the seeds.

You’ll be able to choose from a variety of different strains and seeds, and most sites will also offer you detailed growing guides. 

If you’re new to growing your own marijuana, or if you just want results fast, we suggest that you opt for auto-flowering marijuana seeds. 

They’ll grow shorter and smaller than most marijuana plants, making them ideal for cramped living spaces. They also come with a quick harvest cycle, and they don’t require you to change the lighting setup as they grow.

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You’ve Mastered What to Do with Weed Seeds: What Now?

We hope this post has offered you some creative and unique suggestions when it comes to what to do with weed seeds. 

Whether you decide to eat them as a snack or want to grow your own cannabis with the seeds, we’re certain you’ll have lots of fun putting the seeds to use. 

Curious about what to look for in a marijuana strain? Want a deeper understanding of the marijuana legalization status within your state? Interested in picking up a few new edible recipes, or learning what it takes to start your own cannabis company? 

Our blog provides you with the answers to all things cannabis, so bookmark it to make sure you don’t miss out.

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