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Why Does Delta 8 Make Me Cough? Understanding the Causes and Solutions

Have you ever tried Delta 8 THC and ended up coughing? You’re not alone. Many people are turning to Delta 8 THC for its milder psychoactive effects compared to Delta 9 THC. But, some users find themselves asking, “Why does Delta 8 make me cough?” Let’s dive into this question and find ways to enjoy Delta 8 without the cough.

Every individual’s body chemistry is unique, and what might be a pleasant experience for one person could be uncomfortable for another. This individual variance underscores the importance of personal experimentation and adjustment in your Delta 8 journey.

Why Coughing Occurs with Delta 8 Use

Coughing happens when something irritates our respiratory system. This reflex kicks in to clear out irritants. With Delta 8 THC, especially when inhaled, the vapor or smoke can trigger this reflex. But why exactly does this happen with Delta 8? The answer lies in the body’s natural defense mechanisms. Our airways are lined with tiny hairs called cilia. These cilia move back and forth to keep mucus and foreign particles out. When smoke or vapor enters the picture, it disrupts this smooth operation, leading to irritation and, you guessed it, coughing.

The heat of the inhaled substance can also play a significant role. Hot vapor or smoke isn’t something our throats are fond of. Imagine drinking a beverage that’s too hot. It’s uncomfortable, right? The same principle applies to inhaling vaporized or smoked Delta 8. This discomfort triggers the cough reflex as a protective response.

Moreover, the act of inhaling anything other than air can be a shock to the system. Our lungs are designed to handle air, not smoke or vapor, which contain various compounds aside from the intended Delta 8 THC. These compounds, ranging from the natural terpenes in the plant to additives in vape juice, can all contribute to the cough reflex kicking in.

Specific Factors in Delta 8 Products That Can Cause Coughing

Now, let’s talk specifics. The quality of Delta 8 products plays a massive role in whether or not you end up coughing. Impurities, additives, and even the concentration of Delta 8 can affect your throat and lungs.

Starting with vaporizers and cartridges, the issue often lies in the additives. Some vape juices use thinning agents to make the oil the right consistency for vaping. These agents, like propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, can irritate sensitive throats. Also, the temperature setting on a vaporizer can make a big difference. Higher temperatures produce hotter vapor, which, as we’ve established, can be quite irritating.

Smoking Delta 8 flower introduces another set of factors. The combustion of plant material creates a mix of chemicals, including tar, which is notorious for irritating the respiratory system. Unlike vaping, smoking doesn’t allow for temperature control, meaning you’re always inhaling hot, potentially irritating smoke.

Lastly, the overall quality and purity of Delta 8 products cannot be overstated. Products that haven’t been properly purified can contain residual solvents from the extraction process. These chemicals don’t belong in your lungs and can be a direct cause of coughing. High-quality, third-party tested products minimize these risks by ensuring the product is as pure as possible.

How to Mitigate Coughing When Using Delta 8

So, what can you do to enjoy Delta 8 without the unwanted cough? First, think about how you’re consuming it. If vaping and smoking lead to coughing, consider edibles or tinctures. These methods bypass the lungs altogether, eliminating the risk of respiratory irritation.

Hydration is another key factor. Keeping your throat moist can help mitigate irritation. Think of it as lubricating your throat’s defenses. Water is your best friend here, helping to soothe the throat and keep mucus membranes functioning properly.

Choosing the right product is also critical. High-quality, third-party-tested Delta 8 products are less likely to cause issues. These products have been screened for impurities and harmful additives, giving you a cleaner, smoother experience.

Consider starting with lower doses and if you’re using a vaporizer, opt for lower temperature settings. This can help reduce the harshness of the vapor, making it easier on your throat and lungs. Remember, it’s about finding what works for your body. Each person’s sensitivity and tolerance levels are different, so what’s comfortable for one person may not be for another.

Adjusting your approach based on personal experience is essential. Starting with small amounts lets you gauge how your body reacts to Delta 8 THC. If coughing occurs, you have room to adjust the dose downward or explore alternative consumption methods. Likewise, for those who vape, experimenting with temperature settings can be a game-changer. Lower temperatures produce less harsh vapor, which can significantly reduce coughing incidents. This adjustment not only makes the experience more pleasant but also helps preserve the delicate terpenes found in cannabis, which contribute to the flavor and potentially the effects of the product.

The importance of gradual adjustments cannot be overstated. When trying a new product or method, give your body time to adapt. Incremental changes allow you to pinpoint the perfect balance between enjoying the benefits of Delta 8 THC and minimizing discomfort. It’s like fine-tuning a musical instrument to get the best sound. Similarly, tuning your Delta 8 consumption to match your body’s preferences ensures the best experience.

Another aspect to consider is the environment in which you consume Delta 8 THC. A calm, relaxed setting can enhance your experience. Stress and discomfort can exacerbate the feeling of irritation, leading to a higher likelihood of coughing. Creating a comfortable environment can help your body relax, potentially reducing the reflex to cough.

Hydration, as mentioned, plays a crucial role. Drinking water before, during, and after consuming Delta 8 THC helps maintain throat moisture. Dryness is a common irritant, so keeping hydrated can act as a preventive measure against coughing. Think of it as preparing your throat for a smooth experience, much like a singer hydrates before a performance.

Adapting to Your Body’s Signals

Listening to your body is key. If you notice certain products or consumption methods lead to coughing, your body is signaling that it’s time for a change. This could mean switching from smoking to tinctures or from high-temperature vaping to a lower setting. Paying attention to these signals and adjusting accordingly can greatly enhance your overall experience with Delta 8 THC.

Beyond Consumption: Lifestyle Considerations

Lifestyle factors can also influence your sensitivity to coughing. For instance, staying well-hydrated throughout the day keeps your throat naturally moist, making it less prone to irritation. Additionally, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet and regular exercise, can improve your body’s resilience and potentially reduce sensitivity to coughing.

Seeking High-Quality Products

The market is flooded with various Delta 8 THC products, but not all are created equal. Seeking out reputable brands that provide third-party test results is crucial. These results offer transparency about the product’s purity and the absence of harmful chemicals, providing peace of mind and a safer experience. Investing in quality products may cost more upfront, but it pays off in the long run by ensuring a cleaner, smoother experience that’s less likely to cause coughing.

Community Wisdom and Continued Learning

Engaging with the Delta 8 THC community can also provide valuable insights. Forums, social media groups, and product reviews can be rich sources of information on how different products and methods affect users. Learning from others’ experiences can guide you in making informed choices, saving you time and discomfort in your own experimentation.

The Role of Tolerance

Over time, your body may build a tolerance to Delta 8 THC, affecting how you react to it. For some, this means they can enjoy higher doses without adverse effects, like coughing. For others, it might be an opportunity to explore different products or methods of consumption that they previously found too harsh. Monitoring changes in your tolerance can help you continue to enjoy Delta 8 THC without discomfort.

Enjoying Delta 8 THC without the cough involves a combination of smart choices and listening to your body. It’s about finding a balance that works for you, ensuring you can enjoy the benefits of Delta 8 THC without discomfort. By paying attention to how different factors affect your experience, you can customize your approach to Delta 8 consumption, making it as smooth and enjoyable as possible.


  1. Can air quality affect my experience with Delta 8 THC and increase coughing? Yes, air quality plays a significant role in how you experience Delta 8 THC. Poor air quality, whether from pollution outside or stale air inside, can irritate your respiratory system. This irritation might make you more prone to coughing when using Delta 8 products. Using air purifiers indoors and choosing to consume Delta 8 in areas with cleaner air can help minimize coughing.
  2. Does the time of day I consume Delta 8 THC affect coughing? For some people, the time of day can influence coughing. Consuming Delta 8 THC first thing in the morning might lead to more coughing for those with morning phlegm or allergies. Conversely, using Delta 8 later in the day, after your body has had a chance to clear any overnight build-up in the throat, may reduce coughing. Listening to your body and adjusting consumption times accordingly can enhance your experience.
  3. Can certain foods or drinks help reduce coughing from Delta 8 THC? Yes, consuming certain foods or drinks can help soothe your throat and reduce the likelihood of coughing. Honey, for instance, is known for its soothing properties and can be added to tea or consumed directly before using Delta 8 THC. Herbal teas, especially those with chamomile or peppermint, can also be calming for the throat. Avoiding overly spicy or acidic foods before consumption might also reduce irritation and coughing.
  4. Are there any breathing exercises that can help reduce coughing when using Delta 8 THC? Practicing deep breathing exercises before using Delta 8 THC can help relax the throat and respiratory system, potentially reducing coughing. Techniques that emphasize slow, controlled inhalation and exhalation can prepare your lungs and throat, making them less reactive to the inhalation of vapor or smoke. Regularly practicing these exercises can also improve your overall respiratory health.
  5. Is it possible to develop a tolerance to the cough-inducing effects of Delta 8 THC? Yes, over time, your body can become accustomed to the inhalation of Delta 8 THC, potentially reducing the reflex to cough. This tolerance doesn’t necessarily mean increasing your dosage; rather, your respiratory system may become less sensitive to the irritants that initially caused coughing. It’s important to note, however, that tolerance varies greatly among individuals, and adjusting consumption habits remains a key strategy for a comfortable experience.


So, why does Delta 8 make me cough? It’s usually because of the way it’s consumed or the quality of the product. You can reduce coughing by choosing how you take Delta 8, staying hydrated, picking good products, and adjusting how much and at what temperature you vape. If coughing persists, it’s wise to check with a healthcare provider.

By selecting the right consumption method, prioritizing hydration, choosing quality products, and being open to adjustment based on your experiences, you can enjoy the benefits of Delta 8 THC with minimal discomfort. Remember, the goal is not just to avoid coughing but to ensure a pleasant and satisfying experience with Delta 8 THC that aligns with your body’s preferences and needs.

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