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Why You Should Choose Edibles Instead of Smoking Weed

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Ganja babe, my sweet ganja babe 

You sing as you smoke your blunt in the mid-afternoon on a lazy Sunday.

The phone rings, and low and behold! It’s your friend who’s also an avid cannabis user.

He mentions that he plans to stop by soon and bring a package of very high-quality products.

You can’t wait to find out what’s in store since you’re pretty hungry, and a burger would seem like a great idea now.

As you can’t stay steady anymore and are usually very impatient, you ask your friend to send you a picture of the package.

Your friend laughingly agrees to your request and quickly texts you a picture.

It looks like a pack of gummies, brownies, and chocolate.

“Okay, fine,” you say to yourself. That’s sweet of them, but you could use something that’s more filling.

Your friend then replies, “Dude, this is a new experience! I swear you will not regret it!”

Are edibles THAT different than blunts and a joint?

They all contain cannabis, after all.

Well, surprise, surprise. Edibles give affect you differently than smoking weed, and here are the reasons why!


Reason #1: Edibles are More Intense  

If you need a long but intense kick to feel the relaxing effects of cannabis, then edibles are for you!

THC in edibles gets absorbed in your gut compared to THC from smoking, which is absorbed directly through your bloodstream. This means that you will experience the effects of THC much later when consuming edibles since it will take a longer time to pass to your bloodstream.

That’s why it’s important to start with small doses of edibles. You can take one bite, for example, then wait for about 10-15 minutes.

Moreover, if you consume edibles on an empty stomach, the effects will obviously appear faster. Taking large doses can increase your heart rate and lead to a bad trip, so be mindful!


Reason #2: Edibles Solve your Cravings 

After you get high, the usual story is repeated: you crave.

You get high; you crave etc.

What you need is a product that gets you high and, at the same time, satisfies your cravings.

Edibles for the win!

Whether it’s a brownie or a cake, you can satisfy your sweet tooth AND experience the highs of weed.

Not only can you consume edibles in brownie form, as you see in many 2000s movies, but incorporating weed in coffee, tea, or infusing it in olive oil are various ways you can eat it too.

Thankfully, cannabis businesses such as Pantry Food Co deliver edibles right to your doorstep in San Diego!


Reason # 3: Edibles are Delicious

This needs no further explanation.

But since it’s mentioned, then let’s elaborate.

Imagine yourself on a tropical island, sipping on some coconut juice and munching on some guava weed jellies.

Yeah, you heard that right! Guava weed jellies!

Feel the sweetness of the guava touch your taste buds and experience the smoothness of the melting jelly in your mouth.

Then finally, chillax when the weed hits you, and you get transported to another dimension and escape reality!

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