Dosage Disclosure on Cannabis Recipes

Cannabis edibles have an unpredictable strength that is specific to the quality and quantity of the cannabis used in the recipe. It is misleading for any cannabis recipe to dictate how much of the plant is needed to be effective. There are too many variables that come into play.

The amount of cannabis listed in our recipes is only a suggestion and should be used as a guideline to assist you in figuring out the best proportion.

Most of the confusion about dosage happens because the effects from cannabis edibles take a longer time to set-in. This onset can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. The best way to experiment with dosage is to consume edibles on an empty stomach. Start by eating a little bit and waiting at least an hour before evaluating if you should eat some more.

It may take a couple of attempts to learn your personal limits and discover the right dosage for you. Under-dosing might become frustrating so just remember that in the case of an overdose your life is not in jeopardy and you can just sleep it off.

We do, however, recommend that you plan for dosage experimentation in advance. Make sure that you free yourself from responsibilities that involve driving or operating heavy machinery.




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