Plazmatic Veo Lighter






Quality and Durability






What We Love

  • Overall ease of use, doesn't turn off when it is windy
  • Inherently safe
  • Slick, good looking design
  • No flame spillover or hot parts
  • Good quality materials used. Very durable


  • Slick top can be difficult to remove but this is their safety feature so that children can't open it
  • Have to remember to keep it charged

The Plazmatic Veo Lighter @SayNoToButane is a unique lighter for smokers. The lighter hasn’t changed much in the hundred or so years since they became commonplace.

You have a fuel, a striker, and a flame. But as is the way it seems with all things, technology has made its mark, even in the world of the humble lighter. 

The Plazmatic Veo Lighter uses an arc of electricity in a cross-shaped arrangement that will light most any flammable object.


They are essentially miniaturized spark-gap transmitters, a concept going way back to Marconi radio principles of operation.

These lighters step DC current up to very high voltage and use simple circuitry to turn it on and off thousands of times per second, generating a steady arc.

plazmatic veo


Plasma lighters have a small but very hot output.

This particular model, Plazmatic’s Veo, has a protruding lighter coil and no hinge, making it significantly easier to reach objects that are difficult to light.

While this has typically been solved by torch lighters, they produce a huge amount of heat and similarly consume butane very rapidly.

Having a lighter that is simply rechargeable by electricity is convenient, and much less wasteful than disposable lighters.

plazmatic veo lighter

Some of the unique advantages of this type of lighter are: no hot surfaces after operation, there’s no flame curving back on your finger while holding it upside down, and the plasma arcs seem to have no trouble reaching out to what you are lighting as can be observed in the video below.

It can take a little longer to light something thoroughly, but in situations where you need precision, this is an advantage.

We tested it on a candle, a cigarette and a joint.

It works perfectly!

The best thing about it is when you are outdoors when it’s windy, the flame doesn’t go out.

It is very convenient.

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Video of the Plazmatic in action:

And a closeup of the arcs:


Founded by Matthew Stoll, Plazmatic is a San Francisco Bay Area-based company dedicated to engineering a truly eco-friendly solution to the age-old need for fire.

The lighter is a must have for smokers out there.

They are having a sale right now for $39.99 instead of $59.99.

The price might be a bit steep but if you think about it, this will be the last lighter that you will ever own.

No more loading of butane or buying another lighter because you ran out of fuel. This is it.

To get your own Plazmatic Veo Lighter, head on over to their online shop

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