Ed Rosenthal: New Educational Cannabis Book

We interviewed @edrosenthal on his book – This Bud’s for You. Aside from that Ed sheds light on some of the history on cannabis in the US. He also shares what is going on in the industry.

A bonus that we were delighted to experience was Ed sharing to us on how he smokes. Pretty cool Ed!

This Bud’s for You presents Rosenthal’s next view on the cutting edge of cannabis trends. Get this awesome book, here.

This books is for people who enjoy marijuana — consuming and growing — including information about the plant, its effects, new trends and products, and the emerging industry.

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It details new varieties commercially available with breeders giving their perspective on the hottest new strains and how classic varieties were crossed to create them.

These are strains sold at local dispensaries in the form of bud, edibles, and concentrates.

Some stores also sell seeds and clones. Seeds for these strains are available worldwide online.

It’s also filled with tips and ideas from expert insiders: technical advice from the breeders, ways to judge marijuana and compare strains, and insights on how dispensary buyers make their selections.

This Bud’s for You goes from micro to macro looks at the world’s favorite flower, zooming from large-scale commercial cultivation to the vital essences of trichome resin glands.

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Along the way, it covers product trends and emerging science, from the role of terpenes in creating marijuana’s high to the evolution of scientific extraction methods and the revival of artisanal hash-making techniques.


Ed answers the following questions from Ganjly:

– What inspired you to write the book This Bud’s for You?
– Could you tell us a bit about your most recent book and why it is a must-read?
– Million dollar question – Are you working on another book? And can you share a little bit about it?
– What do you hope the cannabis industry would be like in 5 years?

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To know more, head on over to his website – EdRosenthal.com.


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