Ganjly had the chance to interview Shanel Lindsay, lawyer and CEO of Ardent Cannabis, makers of the @ArdentCannabis Nova Decarboxylator, an accurate, hassle free decarb, for patients who can’t smoke but are dying for relief. She talks about the state of the leaf in Boston and the Northwest as well.


Key Takeaways:

0:20 What is the cannabis culture in Boston Massachusetts and the Northeast as a whole, this year compared to last year?


You led a campaign to regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol last year. What is the result?
2. Is cannabis widely accepted? Or the stigma is still there? What factors helped in the acceptance of cannabis in the non-cannabis-friendly areas?
3. What are the changes you have seen over the years?
4. What are the changes you are hoping to see?


Thank you Shanel Lindsay for your time and for sharing your knowledge with us. There you have it folks, to know more about Shanel and her company, Ardent visit their website Check out their Nova Precision Decarboxylator.

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Thanks again for joining us Shanel and to our viewers, stay lit but stay safe!

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