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4 Reasons To Try CBD Coffee

Any list of the world’s most consumed beverages is bound to contain coffee in the top 3. There is just not getting around its popularity. Even people who don’t drink it have to deal with that one friend or coworker who refuses to be productive until they’ve had their morning caffeine fix.

Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised that CBD found its way into coffee. The CBD trend is on the rise, and people are getting introduced to the benefits of CBD thanks to sites like CannaConnection.

As the use of CBD skyrockets, people started putting it into everything they can think of, spawning all sorts of weird products and gimmicks.

CBD coffee, however, is more than just a gimmick or a fad. The two substances mix very well together, and the combination is so practical that you may just want to make CBD coffee part of your routine. 

1 – Mood regulation

Both CBD and caffeine are known to have mood-boosting properties. Combining them, therefore, will give your brain double the incentive to produce feel-good chemicals. Especially since the two substances affect different parts of the brain.

It’s true that the science is still coming in on the positive effects of CBD, but the mountain of anecdotal evidence cannot be denied.

And while the positive effects aren’t as widely researched as doctors would like, it is becoming increasingly clear that CBD has no negative effects. This means there is no harm in you trying the natural oil for yourself to see if it improves your mood.

2 – Managing anxiety

Coffee, it’s a stimulant, an upper. At high doses, the jittery sensations caused by caffeine consumption are very similar to those caused by a frightening event. This can make anxiety worse and even cause panic attacks, especially if the user isn’t aware that these tremors are being caused by the caffeine.

CBD, however, is a downer known for its anxiolytic properties. It can cut through some of the stimulating effects of caffeine, making coffee safer to drink for people to suffer from anxiety. If you have anxiety problems but can’t live without your morning coffee, this combination is definitely worth a try.

It may take some fine-tuning and experimentation, but once you get the ratio of caffeine to CBD just right, you will be able to enjoy the energizing effects of coffee with just enough CBD to keep you from getting too jittery and anxious.

3 – Managing pain

Just as you can use CBD to neutralize unwanted effects from the caffeine, you can also use caffeine to neutralize some of CBD’s effects.

Many people report feeling slower and drowsy after consuming CBD. Which for some is the point. They want to relax, be more mindful, more present.

However, for people who are using CBD to treat seizures, chronic pains, inflammations, and other health problems, the drowsiness can be an annoying side effect that interferes with their routine.

If you are in that situation, taking your CBD with coffee can be the perfect solution. Unlike in the previous case, where balance was the key, here you don’t have to worry about coffee-making pains or inflammations worse.

Quite the opposite, coffee has antioxidative properties, meaning it can also help with inflammation and pain. Perfect synergy.

4 – Convenience

There are many ways to consume CBD. However, they all require you to change your routine a little bit. You may have to start putting drops of oil under your tongue, or start carrying gummy bears around, maybe a bottle of pills.

If you already drink coffee, however, this process can be made simpler. Plenty of laboratories are selling ground coffee with CBD already infused in it. So you can get both your morning substances at once, no extra steps required. Simple, isn’t it?

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