Thursday, September 23, 2021

5 Benefits of Giving CBD Hemp Oil to Dogs With Cancer

Did you know that cancer is responsible for the deaths of around fifty percent of all dogs who pass on each year? Or that the main cause of death in dogs aged over ten years is cancer?

It’s always heartbreaking when your pet gets ill with a serious disease, yet around half of all canine cancers can be treated if they are spotted in time.

Typical cancers in dogs, and how to spot them

While it’s thankfully true that a cancer diagnosis doesn’t always mean a death sentence for a dog, actually spotting they have a problem in time is easier said than done.

As dogs generally have much faster metabolisms than humans cancers tend to develop and spread in their bodies so much faster too.

The most common cancers in dogs affect their skin, mammary glands [breast area], mouth, nose, lymph nodes, testicles, stomach and bones.

Owners can help spot early signs of possible cancers by looking out for unexplained lameness, or swelling, and checking for unusual bumps or lumps, or cuts that are not healing well while bathing or brushing. 

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Treatment options


Traditional veterinary medicine favors similar forms of treatment as for humans – such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and possibly surgery.

But more and more people are becoming aware of how CBD hemp oil can also benefit dogs diagnosed with cancer, especially when used alongside standard procedures. 

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The benefits of CBD hemp oil for dogs with cancer

  1. It seems to halt or at least dramatically slow the growth of cancer cells. Research into this is in progress and the evidence so far is positive.

2. Some scientists claim that CBD oil triggers a reaction in the brain which in turn creates cells which attack the cancerous cells in the dog’s system.

3. Nobody is claiming that CBD hemp oil can ‘cure’ cancer in dogs, but it does seem as though it can send it into remission in some cases.

4. It seems to boost the effect of cancer drugs.

This means that lower doses of toxic medicines can be used to fight the cancer can be give without compromising the benefits.

5. CBD hemp oil can relieve the unpleasant symptoms of cancer, such as pain, tiredness, poor appetite and feeling sick.

This relief is generally felt pretty fast, usually with a few hours at most.

Bonus: If a dog has had cancer related surgery CBD hemp oil can also help aid recovery, as it reduces stiffness and aids mobility.

Ultimately, if the sad news is that a dog’s cancer is terminal CBD oil can help make their time left in this world more comfortable. 

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Our Final Words

Although the benefits of, and possibilities for using CBD hemp oil to treat or relieve cancer symptoms in dogs are not yet fully understood, with every day that passes the knowledge bank grows, and more animals lives are made that bit better.

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