Thursday, September 23, 2021

5 Things Athletes Do to Relieve Muscle Soreness and Pain

Athletes have to keep pushing their limits to excel at what they do. Not all sportsmen do this because it’s their profession. For most, it’s their passion. And only passion could motivate one to break his limits every day. This limit breaking, however, comes at a cost.

They suffer from terrible muscle soreness and pain that stays for at least days. It makes training more difficult for them. All their development would be wasted if they rest every time they face this issue. That’s why athletes use a few tricks to help them relieve pain and get back to training. One of their remedy is investing in quality CBD topicals, balms and salve.

CBD Topicals, Creams and Oil

Cannabis is considered a magical plant. It’s natural and it has a solution to almost every health problem. CBD balm is very effective at relieving pain and helping with muscle soreness. Many athletes use CBD pain relief cream or massage with its oil. This is something guaranteed to work, and it gives you instant relief. CBD is widely hailed for its anti-inflammatory properties that are scientifically proven.

Eat Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Nothing beats fruits when it comes to healthy eating. They are tasty and full of nutrition. Some foods have properties that help heal inflammation. And we all know they don’t have a single side effect. You need to look for antioxidant-rich foods and put them in your diet. Watermelon, cherry juice, pineapple, ginger are some foods that showed promising results when put to the test of helping with inflammation.

Heat Therapy after Workout

Athletes often use this therapy after their workout. It’s a simple practice to reduce muscle soreness. You only have to apply some heat to the areas where you feel pain. Heat therapy is fun and also gives you mental peace. The most common and easy practice is to take a warm bath. If you are not in the mood of a bath, use of wet heating packs or warm damp towels.

Cold Therapy for Later


Heat therapy is useful, but you will also need cold therapy to recover from pain and inflammation. Usually, heat therapy is done right after the training. The cold therapy, however, comprises multiple sessions until you are fully recovered. The most recommended cold therapy is to soak in cold water. It will relax every single muscle in your body. Some other and easy ways include applying a bag of ice to the affected area. Whatever you do, be sure not to apply ice directly to your skin.

They Go All Natural for Protein

We all know the pills and powders sportsmen use to fulfill the protein needs of their bodies. They work fast and don’t require much effort. As useful as they may be, nothing can replace natural food as a source of protein. When going through such an issue, many athletes switch to only natural sources for protein. If nothing else, they don’t compromise on milk. Studies have shown that milk protein is beneficial in recovering from muscle trauma.

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