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7 Different Forms of CBD Products

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#CBD or ‘cannabidiol’ is a simple compound related to the hemp or marijuana plant. However, CBD does not give you a ‘high.’

Scientists and researchers are studying its effect on reducing chronic pain, and its impact on a variety of neurological disorders.

CBD is used in a wide form of products that are used for medicinal or therapeutic purposes, as follows.

  1. CBD E-liquid

CBD e-liquid or vape juice is similar to that used in e-cigarettes, except CBD e-liquid is a marijuana-inspired product that can be used in vapes or e-vaporizers. It is a popular and beneficial way of consuming CBD. A CBD e-liquid is available in varying strengths and flavors. 

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  1. CBD Vape Oil

CBD vape oil is the concentrated liquid form of cannabidiol. CBD vape oil can be heated and inhaled through an e-cigarette cartomizer, vape pen, or vaporizer. CBD vape oil is available in different strengths ranging from 25mg-300mg.

  1. CBD Concentrates
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CBD concentrates contains the highest form of cannabinoid molecules. CBD concentrates allow users to use very little but you achieve the highest form of relief in a matter of minutes. CBD concentrates can be used in a vaporizer pen to be easily absorbed into the bloodstream. You can also vaporize a dab and inhale with a dab pipe or dab rig. 

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  1. CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are a delicious way to enjoy hemp cannabidiol in gummies, chocolates, flavor-filled candies, honey sticks, cookies, honey, tea, cakes, brownies, and more.

The CBD edibles give longer-lasting relief (2 – 4 hours) than inhaling. It takes about 30 minutes for users to feel any effects.

The edibles are slow to release their enriching properties because they are combined with other ingredients. CBD edibles are available in varying strengths and flavors. 

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  1. CBD Gummy Bears

Tasty CBD gummy bears contain 5mg of pure hemp cannabinoids that you can chew anywhere because they do not contain any THC.

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CBD gummy bears can relieve stress, help with insomnia, and relieves aches and pains.

Children and adults can chew CBD gummy bears every day. Just like their retail market counterparts, they are available in varied shapes and in sweet and sour flavors.

  1. CBD Topicals, Creams and Toothpaste

CBD as a topical alleviates pain and muscle soreness from physical activities or strenuous workouts. The CBD creams can be rubbed into the skin for calming relief. They are available in different scents like vanilla, menthol, and peppermint. It generally has 150 mg of CBD oil.

CBD Toothpaste is another kind of product in the CBD wellness industry. It’s great for oral care and hygiene. Also, oral care products that contain CBD are generally made from organic and natural ingredients.

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  1. CBD Softgels
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CBD softgels are very easy to swallow. Just take it with just a glass of water. How much to take depends on how much you need but start with a slow dose.

The softgels are often available in 10mg, 25mg up to 250mg. It looks like oval or round-shaped pills and has high-quality hemp CBD. Taking CBD softgels in 25mg a day is the preferred wellness dosage.

To make sure you are getting the real cannabidiol CBD capsules look for ingredients that include terpenes, flavonoids, and secondary cannabinoids (true plant CBD oil). 

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