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4 Reasons Why You Should Try CBD Flowers

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CBD flowers are one of the most popular CBD products on the market today. Why? They’re versatile, effective, and cost-efficient.

The US National Library of Medicine/National Institutes of Health or NCBI stated that: “In comparison with other drugs, used in the treatment of these medical conditions, CBD has a better side effect profile.”

There’s so much evidence out there supporting CBD, it’s a shame not to give the all-natural product a test.

Let me dive into why CBD flowers should be your CBD product of choice.

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Reason #1: CBD Flowers Are Lab Tested

One of my favorite CBD flower brands is Cascadia Blooms. Cascadia is transparent with their lab results, they always update the data after each flower batch.

The important metrics to look for when dissecting the lab reports is the breakdown of cannabinoids.

What’s nice about Cascadia is every batch has a mixture of CBD, CBG, and CBN.

The mixture of cannabinoids is called the entourage effect. The entourage effect creates a more powerful reaction in our body, a positive reaction.

The cannabinoids function better when there’s a mix. That’s a major reason why I buy CBD flowers.

Full-spectrum products with a mixture of cannabinoids are more powerful than an isolated product like CBD concentrates.

Again, before you buy CBD always check for the lab reports. This is the first layer of testing that must be approved before you buy.

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Reason #2: CBD Flowers Work Immediately

The simple truth is the act of smoking is relaxing. The inhale, exhale something about it just naturally relaxes a person.

The more popular CBD products like oils and gummies may last longer, but they do not create the same emotion as flowers when consumed.

Whether you use a vaporizer, bong, or joint the inhale, exhale action is there to make sure you feel relaxed immediately.

I prefer to vape my flowers. When I’m stressed, I pack a small bowl in my Crafty vaporizer, and within a few minutes of consuming I feel like I took the edge off.

Flowers are a great choice if you need immediate relief. I call CBD flowers my immediate fix.

Once I feel the stress and anxiety creeping on, I fire up my vaporizer and let the CBD flowers do the rest. Inhale, exhale…

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Reason #3: CBD Flowers are Comfortable for THC users

So, if you’re new to the CBD world and you do not smoke chances are flowers will not be your go-to CBD product.

CBD Flower users typically smoke cigarettes or THC based flowers.

THC users are already comfortable with the motion of using cannabis, so to them or us, flowers are an easy transition into the CBD world.

Honestly, go back to the entourage effect combining CBD and THC is a great idea.

To all the joint smokers out there, ditch the dirty tobacco, and start using CBD flowers as your filler in your joints.

After you consume a THC/CBD joint there’s not going back. The effect you feel from the entourage effect is so powerful. The two cannabinoids are best friends.

Just as a tip, I like to do a 70/30 THC:CBD ratio when I roll mixed joints. Why? I’ve found this to be the most effective dosage for me.

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Reason #4: CBD Flowers Are Efficient

CBD flowers are easily manageable in terms of consumption. I stated that I vape my flowers if you vape you know that your device makes the process extremely efficient.

So, when I vape around.10grams of CBD I get around 10 puffs out of my Crafty vaporizer. The 10 puffs keep me relaxed for about 3-4 hours.

Again, NCBI stated above that there are little to no side effects of CBD. This to me, someone who struggles from anxiety and stress, is a major selling point.

I need my solution to be effective in times of need, and non-existent when I don’t need it.

Meaning little to no side effects are key. My anxiety isn’t 24 hours a day, so I need something that I can microdose throughout the day.

Going back to efficiency, CBD flowers activate fast and last me around 3-4 hours.

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CBD flowers are proven, efficient, and effective. The inhale, exhale factor adds to the appeal.

The CBD world is targeting all-natural, Organic users that want an alternative to the more dangerous pharmaceuticals.

If you are looking for a product to treat your anxiety and stress, I recommend learning more about CBD flowers.

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