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Vape Pen FAQs: What Does it Mean if Your Oil Vape Pen is Blinking?

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Electronic Cigarettes might be a better option when compared directly with smoking a traditional cigarette. However several experts and also doctors have said that electronic cigarettes are equally as harmful as normal cigarettes since they also contain nicotine. But they don’t have about seven thousand other harmful chemicals which are present therein traditional cigarettes.

If you are a novice electronic cigarette user or someone experienced, it doesn’t matter; but sometimes users get confused about what the LED indicator in the electronic cigarette is trying to convey. The LED indicator present in your vape pen will only blink, pulsate or change its color when something has gone wrong with the electronic cigarette. The LED indicator basically gives you an idea of what is going on inside the electronic cigarette. You must understand its exact meaning so as to be informed of any malfunction at the earliest.

You might be surprised to know that the most common reason for the LED to blink is because of low charge or improper installation or due to some problem in making a connection. It can be quite confusing sometimes. Let us know more about 510 thread cartridge

Here are some of the common meanings of LED blinking in your Electronic Cigarette:

  • The Led is blinking three times: This means that there is some problem in the connection between the battery and heating coil. Alternatively, this blinking can also sometimes mean that there might be a short circuit in the tank. However, if your electronic cigarette has no tank attached at the time of this blinking then it is a battery problem due to which it is happening. To fix this issue, simply make sure that the heating coil and the connection to the battery are secure and clean, or alternatively if the issue still persists after doing that then try changing the batteries. Even after doing the above steps, the blinking goes on, then get it checked with your nearest service center or the dealer from where you bought this electronic cigarette.
  • The Led Light is blinking four times: Check the specifications or the user manual of your electronic cigarette if you have one, to see what is the range of your atomizer resistance. Some company’s electronic cigarette(s) will blink four times to indicate the atomizer resistance lower(less than 0.1 ohms) or higher(higher than 2.5 ohms). If it is the former(lower) then to protect itself your electronic cigarette’s battery will automatically shut itself. Nothing except waiting for the resistance to go up can be done to rectify this problem.

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  • The LED is blinking five times: If you have an ordinary vape pen then in all probability this means that your electronic cigarette is almost out of battery power. Immediately putting it on charge will solve this issue. Even after putting it to charge don’t worry if your vape pen still blinks, it’s normal. If however, you purchased a very high-end electronic cigarette then this five-time blinking of the LED means something else entirely. This means that you are over vaping. To check, simply press the fire button for a long time like say 10 seconds or above to see if the power output shuts itself or not, and also the LED will keep on flashing five times. This is a safety feature of several high-end electronic cigarettes to protect its users from over vaping.
  • The LED is blinking ten times: The most reason for the LED to blink ten times is due to no power being left in the battery, or in other words your battery has died. Simply recharge it to continue vaping. Another thing that may contribute to this issue is low battery voltage. The battery may be fully charged but the output electricity is of very low voltage. There may be several reasons for this issue with the most common being the improper connection of the battery.

Another thing that may cause the LED to blink ten times is because the electronic cigarette has come up to its end of life. Even the best quality vaping devices are not designed to last forever, so if yours has been flashing and you have tried diagnosing it without success, chances are it has come to the end of its life, and it’s time to get a new one.

On a cautionary note, for better longevity of an electronic cigarette don’t leave it for charging overnight. There are integrated circuit breakers that can protect them from overcharging but those too have a limit up to which they can protect. Depending on your vaping device, you will have white or red blinks signifying that it’s time to recharge the battery.

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