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The Ultimate Guide To CBD Accessories For Newbies

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been in the health and wellness market for many years since its discovery. This cannabis compound or cannabinoid is thought to provide plenty of benefits, especially when managing stress, pain, and anxiety.

While tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) refers to a psychoactive cannabinoid, CBD is its opposite. CBD doesn’t have any psychedelic effect. Many people use CBD because of its stress- and pain-relieving properties. This cannabinoid is also popular as a sleep-enhancing food supplement, so it’s not surprising why many people use CBD oil. 

As a CBD newbie, you should equip yourself with the right CBD information like what Cannabest and other reputable online sources provide. But what are the CBD accessories you need as a newbie? 

If you’re a novice in CBD accessories, this article will guide you on the essential accessories you need to use for an ultimate CBD experience.


  1. Vaping Device

CBD relaxes your muscles, relieves pain, and minimizes stress and anxiety. Vaping CBD relaxes you, eliminating fatigue symptoms.

Vaporizers or vape pens are devices you can use to consume CBD via vapor inhalation. These vaping devices are stylish, well-designed, and efficient to use, promoting a smooth experience.

Vaping CBD is better than oral consumption because cannabidiol comes in contact with the lungs more efficiently via the bloodstream. CBD bioavailability is greater in the lungs than in the gut. Hence, vaping CBD results in almost immediate effects.

Here are the two types of vaping devices newbies can choose from to consume CBD:

  • Disposable Vaporizers

You can kickstart your CBD vaping experience using a disposable vape pen. This vaping device comes with pre-filled CBD vape juice. You can use this vape to warm up the CBD vape oil and inhale vapor with just a push of a button.

People love vape pens because they’re easy to use and more affordable than rechargeable vaporizers. However, if you’ll be vaping CBD regularly, it’s more cost-effective to use rechargeable vapes in the long run.

Disposable vaporizers allow multiple usages until the juice or battery runs out. They’re no longer usable after that. Make sure to dispose of disposable vape pens properly as they contribute to environmental pollution or increased carbon footprint. 

  • Rechargeable Vaporizers

Because you can charge these vapes multiple times, they’re built to last. Just use the charger to keep the batteries full when drained. While rechargeable vaporizers need more maintenance as compared to disposable pens, using this vaping device is worth it if you want to vape regularly. It’ll save you a lot of money from buying disposable vapes, in which the cost can pile up quickly.

You can also buy pods for your rechargeable vaporizer. Pods for CBD oil and wax are usually made of durable stainless steel, allowing you to enjoy CBD extracts while you’re on the go. Fill the pod with your desired CBD concentrate on top of the cotton and secure the lid in place. After which, drop the pod into your vaporizer, so you can start using it.

Screens for the heat chambers of vaporizers are also available. You can replace old and worn-out ones by buying replacement screens online or in physical CBD stores.


  1. Bongs or Pipes

CBD newbies can inhale concentrated CBD through a crystal or glass pipe. Crystal pipes are made from beautifully-looking semi-precious minerals, usually hand-made with natural materials. When using a crystal pipe, just scoop the ground flower into the bowl and breathe in. Cover the carb and light the hemp or cannabis flower, releasing the carb mid-inhalation. You can remove the resin using alcohol after use.

Take a look at the following advantages of using bongs or pipes:

  • Simple To Use

Bongs or pipes are simple to use, unlike vaping devices that need additional accessories to ensure operational functions. All you need when using a bong or pipe includes a downstem and a bowl. Newbies can progress to using bongs or pipes to streamline CBD consumption.

  • Preserve CBD

Pipes promote a great smoke session. Unlike vaporizers that heat dry herbs below combustion, pipes use a low-heat or non-flame lighter to avoid destroying the CBD compound.

  • Suitable For Medical Patients

Direct flame can ruin CBD’s medicinal compounds, which can compromise relieving effects. You can get the most of your CBD by using a bong or pipe as a medical patient. 


  1. Dabbing Accessories

Dabbing refers to inhaling viscous CBD extract that contains CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids. Dabs are available as crumble, wax, shatter, and crystals. Other most-sought CBD dab products include honeycomb, budder, and pull-and-snap with various consistency. For instance, budder is creamy and smooth, whereas pull-and-snaps are stretchable like a chewy candy.

CBD dabbing products have high CBD concentrations. So, it’s important for newbies to start with the lowest dose until they feel the desired effect. If you’ve used CBD oil, the effects of dabs feel similar but more intensified because of the product’s potency. The effects of CBD dabbing aren’t as long-lasting as the oral consumption method, usually seven hours. On the other hand, the effects of CBD vaping using a dab rig last about three hours.

Dabs provide a fast and powerful CBD hit without worrying about intense intoxication. Because of higher bioavailability, newbies use less CBD in dabbing to attain the same results as other consumption methods.

Dab accessories include the following:

  • Dab Rigs

Traditional dab rigs need heating using a butane torch, offering a classic dabbing experience. Dab rigs, oil rigs, or wax rigs are CBD concentrate pipes. It’s a type of water pipe for oils and waxes. They diffuse heat, providing new dabbers an easy way to maximize the CBD concentrate’s flavor. Dab rigs tend to be smaller as compared to ordinary water pipes, usually within the same price range.

  • Dab Nails

Electronic rigs or electronic nails provide a flameless way to experience traditional dabbing without using a butane torch. They’ve been designed to dab wax concentrates with constant heat. E-rigs are plugged into the electric socket or powered via rechargeable batteries, maintaining a consistent temperature.

  • Dab Tools

A dab tool is a pointed tool used to pick up and apply CBD wax or shatter to a heated surface on a rig pipe. Dab tools come in different materials and styles, making dab rigs easier to use. 

  • Others

The other dabbing accessories you need include dab containers, dab mats, and dabbers. 


  1. CBD Rolling Papers

Do you prefer smoking CBD to vaping or ingesting it? If yes, then using CBD rolling papers is a good idea. Enjoy smoking CBD like the old times without the harmful ingredients (like tobacco) with CBD rolling papers. This CBD accessory is a great alternative to joint papers and blunt wraps.

Unlike blunt wraps, CBD rolling papers are made of hemp fibers with CBD isolate infusion. Contrary to popular belief, hemp or CBD rolling papers don’t get you high. Rolling papers can enhance smoke quality but don’t have THC, which causes psychedelic effects.

Here are the steps when wrapping hemp or cannabis in rolling papers to get the most of your CBD consumption experience:

  • Grind the cannabis or hemp flower for an even smoke without grinding the material to dust.
  • Flatten the rolling paper and place the ground flower on top towards the center. The glue strip should face upwards.
  • Wrap the ground flower back and forth like using a traditional blunt with an open edge strip.
  • Add moisture to the glue strip, holding it in place for a minute or two to secure the blunt properly.
  • Finally, fasten the filter to one end and light the blunt. Enjoy your tobacco-free smoke experience.


  1. CBD Grinders

Do you want to enjoy your CBD dry flowers to the fullest? A CBD grinder breaks the hemp or cannabis dry flowers into small bits or fine ground for wrapping in blunt wraps or rolling papers and to smoothly hit using bowls. The best grinders have sharp teeth such as diamond teeth that efficiently cut through different types of herbs, including high CBD cannabis and hemp.

Grinders break up large amounts of dry CBD flower quicker using a cleaner process. The natural oil of your skin can tarnish the resin of the herb, affecting its potency. So, don’t use your hands to pull apart and grind hemp or cannabis flowers. Use an herb grinder instead.


Choosing The Best CBD Accessories

When shopping for CBD accessories, make sure to pick high-quality ones from reputable suppliers. You don’t have to buy CBD tools and equipment with all the bells and whistles. As mentioned, newbies can start their CBD experience using basic CBD accessories. You can start with a low CBD dose and gradually increase it later on as you get used to the effects of cannabidiol. But of course, you can’t expect to get euphoric or high because CBD is non-psychoactive, unlike cannabis products.



CBD accessories such as vaping devices or pipes can make cannabidiol consumption more fun and exciting. You can start using the basic devices and advance the features of the accessories you use as you progress your CBD consumption experience. CBD newbies can purchase the above accessories online or in physical CBD supply stores.

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