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A Beginner’s Guide to Dabbing

In the cannabis world, there has been a tremendous increase in the boom in dabbing over the previous several years. Dabbing is still in its infancy compared to typical dry bud; thus, there is a lot more for users to understand the high viscosity concentrations and how to ingest properly.

What exactly is dabbing?

Dabbing is merely inhaling extremely viscous cannabis extract. CBD, THC, and a variety of additional cannabinoid profiles are present in the extract. Crumble, Shatter, Wax, Budder, and BHO are the most popular words for the products. Dabbing, on the other hand, is not for everyone! Before you even contemplate having a dab, you should probably read this.

You must educate yourself.

Dabbing, unlike smoking a joint, necessitates the use of an entirely another set of equipment. Because dabbing is altogether new, the psychoactive impact is generally more robust, and the intoxication appears to last much longer.

A dab is a tiny dosage of highly concentrated cannabis that is heated on a hot surface before inhaling. You must maintain your concentration on the “highly focused” section to fully comprehend what you are putting yourself into. Because it is so dense, you may need to be extra cautious since obtaining the psychoactive effect requires just a dab, which is a minimal amount.

Look for a dab partner.

As a first-time dabber, you may need to practice a few times with a buddy, or preferably a friend of a friend. Get someone willing to attempt it with you-or at the very least is there to observe you in case things go wrong. Ideally, you’ll have a buddy who dabs regularly or know someone who will bring their dab kit with them. A dab kit is a collection of equipment required to appropriately dab and is especially useful the first time you do it.

A dab kit is only a precaution in case you pass out or become paranoid. Remember that you may never have a deadly overdose from cannabis, which includes dabbing. However, you can protect yourself from injury if you happen to tumble down. A dab companion will be there to help you if any of the adverse effects get the best of you.

Begin cautiously.

You won’t need much of the dosage to get high while dabbing. You can be confident that you will need only a very tiny quantity of the dab to experience the effects you require for the initial time. If you don’t receive the sensation you’re looking for, you may always try a more significant challenge the following time. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with going too high, but after that, you might have to accept responsibility for all of your acts.

Set a timer.

Most individuals who dab will always make the error of heating the nail for too long or not heating it long enough. It’s okay if you don’t heat it long enough, but heating it too long may cause throat discomfort as well as inflammation in your lungs.

Take good care of yourself.

When dabbing, you will frequently use a butane torch, and it is essential to remember that any instrument in the dab kit may get excessively hot after usage. You’ll need to be extra cautious with the tools, especially if you’re high.

Dab ahead with confidence!

Keeping all of the suggestions in mind, you may be ready to begin your dabbing experience. If you want to be a master at dabbing, keep these guidelines in mind.

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