3 CBD Buyer Trends Retailers Should Be Aware Of

3 CBD Buyer Trends Retailers Should Be Aware Of

CBD has become very popular over the last few years, mainly because laws have been enacted to make the use of medicinal and recreational CBD legal. CBD products are highly enjoyable and they provide their users with a myriad of benefits, from helping them sleep better to easing anxiety.

These numerous benefits are the reason why CBD products have become the top-selling wellness and health products around the planet. With so many products entering the market, it can be a little challenging to keep up with current CBD trends. To help you out, we are going to look at three buyer trends so you can tap into them.

CBD Gummies Have Become Very Popular

There are so many great CBD products in the market that retailers can wonder which products best fit their client base. Even with so many products to choose from, gummies have become very popular. Those who love CBD gummies say they love them due to their sweetness and because there is no other product that can compare to a chewy gummy packed with CBD extracts.

Another reason why gummies are so popular is that they are very accessible and portable. Because almost everyone has eaten a gummy in their lives, CBD gummies are familiar. Also, with companies like Yummy CBD packaging their gummies in discreet packaging, it is easier to take the gummies with you and enjoy them discreetly. This portability works particularly well for those who use CBD during the day or those who appreciate taking their gummies everywhere with them.

With new formulations emerging, the popularity of CBD gummies will only increase. For example, there are CBD gummies infused with caffeine to help with energy levels, or gummies specially formulated to offer specific benefits such as helping with anxiety.

Customers Prefer Organic CBD

Almost everything we consume contains some sort of preservative or chemical. Many people now realize that eating foods full of these preservatives and chemicals is not a good idea and so they are gravitating towards products that only contain organic ingredients. By buying organic CBD, consumers ensure they are not consuming CBD that has been grown using harsh chemicals, which is beneficial to both their bodies and the environment.

It is therefore important that retailers recognize this and start sourcing CBD products that only contain organic ingredients and that are grown sustainably. They have to also ensure their CDB farming process has not impacted the environment and is sourced from sustainably grown hemp.

Extraction Matters

If you visit some of the most popular CBD retailer websites, you will see information about CBD extraction. You will also see questions about the extraction process used for specific products. This is because people want the CBD in the products they consume to be extracted using the most efficient and cleanest process possible.

People are moving away from processes that utilize harsh chemicals such as butane in the extraction process. These chemicals can be found in trace amounts in the final product and many people do not like that. If you are looking to stay on top of this trend, ensure your CBD is extracted using supercritical CO2 as this process ensures clean CBD, which has many of the beneficial compounds it should have.

If you are committed to giving your customers the best CBD products, it is always a good idea to follow the trends discussed above. Many CBD users are on the lookout for things like sustainable farming and extraction methods and this can be the difference between success and failure.

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