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How Marijuana Helps to Seize Intellectual Prowess?

Oftentimes when we see geniuses like Elon Musk smoking weed and throwing incredible ideas out there for the populous, it always makes us wonder “Can marijuana make me smarter too?”. And the fact that so many scientists and researchers are always curious about the benefits and effects of weed makes it seem like it’s worth a try, doesn’t it?

That’s why here is a small article explaining all the aspects of the connection between marijuana and cerebral high.

Why marijuana?

You might already know that many marijuana doctors prescribe marijuana to help patients deal with various diseases and mental illnesses. But the reason why marijuana is used to deal with symptoms that even normal medicine can’t deal with is its effect on one’s psyche.

Many people feel enlightened and experience a cerebral high after consuming marijuana because it helps them to enter “The ZONE.” For the unfamiliar minds, it is a state of mind in which you can accomplish any task you are working on in a better and faster fashion. It is similar to the zone athletes enter while performing in an important game.

The Zone helps to boost your intellectual and physical senses which makes you feel like you are a smarter and more efficient person than before. But there is a trick to it; you need to check out the requirements which are compulsory to enter the zone. This is where marijuana comes into play.

Here’s how marijuana helps you enter the zone:

There are two major components in marijuana which are THC and CBD. But the one that we are looking for is CBD because THC is known to make its user feel heavy and impair decision-making skills. Which is not a preferable condition when you want to enter an intellectually elevated state.

Medical marijuana cards are a perfect way to use marijuana to deal with ADHD and enter the cerebral high by creating a perfect pathway for it. And to achieve that you have to meet four criteria which are:

Faster blood flow
Relief from pain and worries
Suppression of hunger
And enhanced short-term memory

Once all these criteria are met you open a channel to a hyper-focused state that gives you a cheat code to a ridiculous amount of concentration and efficiency.

How to meet these thresholds?

You can meet these thresholds through a combination of caffeine, CBD, and physical exercise. Exercise and caffeine help to make the blood pump faster, suppress hunger, and put your mind in alert mode. On the other hand, CBD helps to relieve pain and elevate short-term memory capacity.

When everything is in its place you will feel like you are a completely different person. Your ability to perform a task takes a steep rise, and along with that your physical capabilities also increase. Of course, you can add and adjust the process according to your will. Or you can discuss the process with your 420 doctor to get some professional help.

And hence you get the feeling of attaining that high intellectual prowess

Bottom line

Being addicted to marijuana is rare; excluding the fact that you can get addicted to anything if you do it frequently and regularly enough, be it an addiction to gambling, or binge-watching, the habit of any practice can make you addicted to it. Also, take notice that marijuana users under the age of 18 are more susceptible to becoming addicted than others.

Other than precautions and awareness, a Medicalmarijuana card is one of the best ways you can get your legal amount of medical marijuana without worrying about the legal repercussions.

To apply for a marijuana card you can visit the Online Medical Card, fill out the form, get counseled by the doctors, and receive your card once approved. The process is fast so time is never an issue, visit today to get it.

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