Top 5 Cannabis Branding Tips for Cannabusiness Marketers

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, you have to step up your branding efforts. Here are 5 cannabis branding tips to help you stand out among the rest.

In the United States, the cannabis industry exceeds $8.6 billion. You should learn more about cannabis branding so you can tap into that goldmine! 

Analysts predict that by the end of 2019, the USA’s cannabis industry will be worth over $12 billion. Simply put, there’s a lot of money floating around the cannabis world.

You deserve to get your hands on that sweet, green cash. But to succeed, you’ll need a strong branding strategy.

Here are some branding tips for cannabis marketing:

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Be Unique

Green is the most popular color in the cannabis industry. Make your brand stand out by embracing other brand colors in the cannabis rainbow: purple, red, orange, blue, white, and yellow.

Don’t use stereotypical “stoner” iconography when designing your logo or products. Green cannabis leaves are cliché when branding and marketing cannabis.

Using clean, sleek designs will make your brand seem more professional and trustworthy. Your product’s packaging should be creative.

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Public Relations for Cannabis Branding

Traditional public relations tactics work well when promoting a cannabis brand. There are even cannabis PR firms out there that can help you out.

Insert your brand into the cannabis conversation. Become a featured guest on podcasts. Submit your content as guest posts to popular cannabis sites, like Ganjly. Include links to your website and social media accounts to get more media coverage.

Speaking of social media…

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Social Media

Social media is a useful tool for promoting cannabis brands. While you might not have access to paid advertisements, organic reach alone does wonders for cannabis branding.

Facebook doesn’t allow cannabis-related advertisements, but organic reach is still possible and highly valuable there. The same applies to Twitter and Instagram.

You’ll get more results on social media if you set up a consistent posting schedule.

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SEO goes a long way in branding. Publish educational and unique cannabis-related content in a company blog. Take advantage of long-tail keywords (keywords with 3 words or more) to drive more targeted organic traffic to your blog.

Users share social media posts with visual content more often than posts without it. Pairing a high-quality image or video with compelling copy is a recipe for getting likes and shares.

Incorporate appealing weed visuals into your content. Make your images SEO-friendly by compressing and resizing them.

Create infographics that contain valuable information about cannabis and your products. Start making your own infographics by checking out the link.

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Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is also highly effective at generating sales and increasing brand awareness.

Influencers with large followings usually need a monetary fee. Influencers with smaller followings, however, might accept free products in exchange for telling their followers about your brand.

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Strengthening Your Brand? Yes, You Should Concentrate on That!

Experts think that as a global market, cannabis will reach $150 billion soon. You’ll get in on more of that money if your cannabis branding strategy is strong.

Some experts even predict that the global cannabis market will reach $500 billion in the future. If you strengthen your branding, your marketing efforts will reach more audience and it will help with brand loyalty.

Get informed — read more of our breaking news about cannabis. You’ll be surprised by what you’ll learn.

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