What Vaping is and Its Benefits Compared to Smoking

vape cartridges

Thanks to a lot of benefits, ranging from potency to health, stoners globally now explore vaping cannabis.

However, it might be a challenging process without help. Plus, it’s somehow difficult than buying a battery and cartridge.

Similar to everything else, cannabis variety is basically the spice of life. Don’t just shut the door prematurely to dry herb or vaping dabs before learning more about it.


How Vaping Works

Normally, vape cartridges or devices differ in color, shape, and size. Some devices also produce aerosol byproducts from heating the liquid, which at times comprise flavorings as well as other chemicals, making vaping less harsh than smoking.

This liquid also delivers cannabis, or nicotine to consumers through a mouthpiece, which works by inhaling and expelling via the nose or mouth.


More about Vape Juice

The flavor is among the ingredients in the vape juice or e-liquid. As mentioned earlier, vape juice may have cannabis and other chemicals or additives. So determining the variety of ingredients in your e-liquid can be an issue.

Even heating coils that make the liquid become inhalable aerosol releases new substances and trace metals, which go into users’ lungs.

While there are production ethics for commercial vape juice companies, standards for off-brand online vendors, vape shops, or homemade e-liquid blends are not that consistent.


Vape Pens

Since the legalization of cannabis, vape pens have become more popular, particularly among young adults and teens.

Initially designed as alternatives to bongs, vaping pens are operated devices, which cannabis consumers use to inhale weed, which may also contain flavorings.

Regardless of their appearance and design, vape pens all operate the same way. For instance, a pod, cartridge, or reservoir that holds vape juice gets heated by an atomizer so as to release vapor containing:

  • Cannabis/nicotine
  • Flavorings
  • Other chemicals


Switching from Smoking to Vaping

Before you switch from smoking to vaping, there are a few things new vapers have to be familiar with. For instance, there is a suitable e-cigarette for everyone. Plus, not every e-cig is suited to all cannabis enthusiasts.

So if you had tried it before and failed to work, don’t just give up. Rather try one more time with a different starter kit.

Slightly more sophisticated devices, like starter kits, can include everything you require to get going. Be sure to also look at the descriptions of the products, as some starter kits require batteries sold separately.


Benefits of Vaping over Smoking

In the modern-day, almost everyone is going towards healthy lifestyles and is more conscious of what they take.

For cannabis enthusiasts looking to switch from smoking to vaping, it’s worth noting that vape juice is healthier than smoke. Apart from being healthier, vaping is also more convenient, flavorful, and doesn’t leave a smell after you vape.



Many individuals are switching from their regular cigarettes or cannabis bongs to vaping because it’s proven to be a healthier and better alternative.

So if you are looking to switch from smoking to vaping, it’s best to be familiar with the whole process in order to have an idea of what you’re about to involve yourself in.

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