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5 Tips for Setting Up the Best Online Smoke Shop

According to Grand View Research, the smoking accessories market is valued at $66.8 billion as of 2022. The value is rising, and because of that, online smoke shops are also on the rise, and they provide a great opportunity for small business owners like you to expand your market. To get started, you’ll need to research and create a solid action plan. 

Follow these five tips to learn how to choose products for your online store, how and where to set up your website, as well as how best to promote it once it’s live.

#1 Decide What Kind of Products You Will Sell

Consider the different types of smoking products and accessories available to you and legalized for sale in your state or country. For instance, according to U.S. News, marijuana is legal in 21 states in the U.S. For the rest, recreational marijuana usage is restricted or banned. 

It is also important to think about whether or not your product is in demand and how many competitors are already selling similar items.

You should consider several factors when choosing what kind of products to sell at your online smoke shop. You may have heard these things referred to as “niche markets” or “specialty items.” These are terms used by people who specialize in helping businesses find new ways of doing business so they can succeed in a competitive market space like yours.

Pipe cleaners, scissors, rolling papers, lighters, butane torches, etc., are some of the most common items you can sell. Then there are variations of each of these product types. You might also sell vape juice and fragrances if they are in demand.

#2 Find a Wholesale Distributor to Buy Smoking Products and Accessories

You can find the best wholesale distributor for your business in a multitude of ways, but the easiest will be to ask those who have been in the business for some time. 

If you are in a retail store or smoke shop now, ask them if they know anyone who might be able to help you get started. If not, contact other shops selling smoking products and accessories and ask who they use for their wholesale needs.

You should be sure to call multiple suppliers before deciding on one so that you can receive competitive pricing information from each company. Many online smoke shops use Gomwi.com as their preferred smoke shop supplier for wholesale distribution. 

Distributors like them have managed to attract loyal customer bases, mostly B2B buyers, since they keep up with the latest trends and provide a huge selection of quality products. This allows these distributors to dominate the industry while allowing their customers to also ensure that their businesses are doing well constantly.

#3 Hire a UI/UX Designer to design a Trendy Website

The next step is to hire a UI/UX designer to give your website a trendy and professional look. A good designer will make sure that your website is responsive and easy to navigate while also ensuring that it’s easy for customers to find what they are looking for, as well as buy from you.

The designer should be well-versed in designing smoke shop websites. That’s because these websites need to appeal to a younger demographic in most cases and need to be flashy while staying relatively easy to navigate. 

#4 Build a Responsive Website with a Secure Payment Gateway

To maximize your online sales, you need a website that is easy to navigate and user-friendly. A responsive design makes it possible for customers on all devices (desktop, tablet, and mobile) to view products in their original size.

It’s also important to build an e-commerce website with a secure payment gateway. This will allow customers from all over the world to safely pay for their purchases through different means, such as debit cards or credit cards, without having any issues with chargebacks or fraud.

You should also make sure that your checkout process is simple. Have clear instructions about shipping costs and taxes so that buyers don’t have any questions about what they are paying for.

#5 Verify the Age of Your Customers Before Selling to Them

It’s also important to make sure you verify the age of your customers before selling to them. While some states allow minors to buy tobacco products as long as they have a parent’s permission, this is not the case in all states and can change at any time. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so be sure to ask for identification when possible.

Despite strict restrictions, the CDC found that in 2022, one in six U.S. high school students consumed tobacco or used smoking accessories in one form or another. This happened despite state and federal crackdown on underage tobacco usage. As a business owner, you, too, have to share some of the responsibility and ensure that you don’t sell to people without verifying their age first.

A great smoke shop should be able to offer customers a wide variety of products, as well as provide them with information about each product’s quality and value. As long as you follow these guidelines, your online smoke shop will be the best one out there.

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