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Discovering the Roots of 4/20 and the Rise of Cannabis Culture

The 20th of April, or 4/20, has long been a significant day for cannabis enthusiasts across the globe. It has become synonymous with celebrating the culture and consuming cannabis in various forms, from lighting up joints to indulging in THC and CBD-infused edibles. Cannabis companies join the celebration by offering 4/20 sales online. But how did this iconic day come to be, and what is the story behind the origin of 4/20? Let’s delve into the hazy history of this cannabis-inspired celebration.

The Waldos and the Search for the Secret Cannabis Garden

The most widely accepted story of 4/20’s origin dates back to the early 1970s in San Rafael, California. A group of five high school friends, known as the Waldos, gathered every day at 4:20 p.m. after school to smoke cannabis. The time was specifically chosen because it was after their extracurricular activities and before their parents arrived home from work, giving them the perfect window to enjoy their favorite pastime.

In the fall of 1971, the Waldos got wind of a secret cannabis garden somewhere on the Point Reyes Peninsula. The garden was allegedly planted by a Coast Guard serviceman who could no longer tend to the plants. Armed with a treasure map, the Waldos would meet at the Louis Pasteur statue on their school grounds at 4:20 p.m. and embark on a quest to find the hidden stash of cannabis. Although they never found the elusive garden, the Waldos’ meeting time of 4/20 became a code for smoking cannabis among their friends.

The Grateful Dead Connection

The story of 4/20 could not be complete without mentioning the legendary rock band, the Grateful Dead. The Waldos had connections to the band, as one of the members’ older brothers was friends with the Grateful Dead’s bassist, Phil Lesh. The Waldos would often hang out backstage at the Grateful Dead concerts and even had access to their rehearsals. It’s believed that through these interactions, the 4/20 code spread among the band members and their extended circle of friends.

High Times and the Global Celebration of 4/20

The global popularization of 4/20 as a day of cannabis celebration can be attributed to the cannabis-focused magazine High Times. In the early 1990s, Steven Hager, the editor of High Times, came across a flyer at a Grateful Dead concert in Oakland, California, that mentioned 4/20 as a day to celebrate cannabis. Intrigued by the concept, Hager wrote about it in the magazine, and High Times began promoting 4/20 as an annual event for cannabis enthusiasts.

As the internet grew and connected people worldwide, the concept of 4/20 as a day to celebrate cannabis culture gained momentum. Today, 4/20 is marked by gatherings, festivals, and various events where cannabis enthusiasts unite to express their appreciation for the plant, advocate for legalization, and indulge in the consumption of cannabis products. Check out 4/20 sales Canada for great online deals and promos.

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The origin of 4/20 as a celebration of cannabis culture is rooted in the adventures of a group of high school friends in the 1970s. Over time, the code they used to schedule their cannabis sessions evolved into a global phenomenon embraced by cannabis enthusiasts everywhere. The 20th of April is now a day when people come together to celebrate their love for cannabis, advocate for progressive policies, and enjoy THC and CBD-infused goodies. So, as you light up, indulge, and celebrate, remember the hazy history of 4/20 that brought us all together.

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