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How to Pass an Unsupervised Drug Test

The chances are that last week when you smoked weed, you didn’t think of a drug screening coming up. It is only natural that now you are wondering how to manage the situation the best and fastest way.

Most of the marijuana tests are urine-based. It means that you will need to pee into a cup, and your urine will be tested for the THC presence.

Marijuana’s presence in the body can be detected up to 3 days after the substance’s consumption. You may have the drug test tomorrow, but you smoked weed yesterday. In such a case, you aren’t left with many options. You will have to handle the urine cup, and you will be tested positive.

However, as the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining, and this situation is no different. If the drug test is unsupervised, there are some ways to pass it with flying colors. Be ready to let your imagination run wild, contrive with the facts, and tweak the truth. Here is what you should do to pass an unsupervised drug test.

Fake Urine

Checking if the urine you handed over to testing is genuinely yours or not requires a lot of time and effort, so no one will likely do it. People doing the test will believe that the cup really contains your pee, and you should take advantage of that.


If you know you are in a desperate need of the urine free of marijuana, consider buying a synthetic urine kit. Most weed dispensaries should have such a solution at your disposal. Go to the nearest to check it out, or click here and order a kit online.

Another option is to ask a good friend or family member to ‘borrow’ their pee. If the test is unsupervised, you can easily sneak in with an already prepared cup with pee and only pretend that you are doing it the right way. Since a friend’s pee is free of cannabis, the results will be ‘negative,’ and you will be able to relax.

Detox Drinks

Drinking a detox drink is not a 100% guaranteed solution to passing the drug test, but it inevitably increases your chances. Keep in mind that the effects are individual and depend strongly on the amount and frequency of you smoking cannabis. The less you have smoked, the higher the chances that the detox drink will free your body from THC traces.

An effective detox drink should flush the THC out of the bladder and urinary tract for some time, but it will not eliminate it from the body. That means you will have a little time to pee into the cup and potentially pass the test.

Remember to follow the detox drink guidelines, as they can differ among different brands. Most of them will tell you to drink the detox drink and a couple of glasses of water when heading to the test, but it is always best to double-check.


As many toxins are removed from the human body through the fat cells, exercising is crucial when it comes to detoxification.

If you want to make the detoxifying process quicker, do cardio or a high-intensity workout. These two types of exercises will help you bur the most calories and make you sweat the most. For you, that means the loss of the toxified cells will be the fastest.


The best way of passing the drug test is having a body free from the unwanted substance. Taking the right precautions well in advance will save you a lot of trouble later on.

Don’t smoke weed once you get the notice about an upcoming drug test.
If you have a couple of days before the test, prepare yourself by drinking high-quality, reputable detox drinks and taking detox pills until the drug test.
Sweat a lot. Exercise will do just fine, but if you are not a fan of running, consider doing a sauna session possibility, too.
Stay hydrated. Water helps speed the metabolism in general. Make sure you are drinking enough of it.


If you know you have smoked weed lately, passing a drug test may seem impossible at first glance. However, there are ways to handle that.

Using a friend’s or artificial urine is one of the most common and secure ways of dealing with the drug test, as they are most often urine-based.

Other possibilities of passing the test include drinking detox drinks and taking detox pills right before the test. Although this option is not a guaranteed solution, it increases your chances significantly.

Moreover, to sweat off and get rid of the substance as fast as possible, you should exercise. Choose HIIT and cardio workouts for the most optional results. Good luck!

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