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Marijuana-Enthusiast-Approved Gifts For Fellow Pot Lovers

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The wonderful cannabis flower is gaining popularity all over the world due to its health benefits and potential to create wonderful experiences among fellow tokers. As the popularity of weed grows, we can see a lot of new accessories making the market adorned with various cannabis experience enhancers.

These accessories can come in various forms as the designers’ creativity shows no lack of stopping. If you have a special event coming up and want to leave the weed lover in awe, read on as we are going to share some of the best weed accessories one can give.

Stylish bong

Bongs have become the main focus of designers as the various shapes offer a personalized experience to the smoker. Due to the various shapes, sizes, and designs, picking a bong as a gift can be quite easy, all you need is a bit of creativity and what the person wants.

However, when we are talking about experience enhancing gear, we think of high quality smoking accessories that offer more than just aesthetics. This bubbly piece of weed gear is beloved by avid smokers and occasional tokers due to its hygiene and great high. The water filtration system filters all the gunk from the smoke and provides the user with a cool hit. 

If you are going with the bong as a gift, consider a case to go along with it. Bongs aren’t that versatile when it comes to mobility and a traveling case is a must.

A new experience

Think outside the box and gift a unique experience to the recipient. Wave away the smoke and look for some THC-infused edibles. Edibles provide a completely different cannabis experience and some even report that edibles provide a more potent high.

There are different variants of THC-infused food and can range from candies to brownies. If you know that the recipient is new to edibles, make sure that the dosage is reasonable: 1-5 mg per serving.

If you have noticed that the person in question shies away from harsh smoke but enjoys weed, vape pens offer a vaporized and portable solution. Weed vape pens are excellent alternatives that exempt the process of rolling and burning buds. In addition to that, having a toke waiting in your pocket anytime is a great bonus for every weed smoker.

Stash boxes

No matter how much we love our buds, we can’t seem to shake the bad habit of using plastic bags as a storage solution. The plastic bags are known to damage the trichomes – where THC is made and THC is of course responsible for the high.

Substituting the plastic bags with convenient and practical storage boxes will have any cannabis enjoyer overwhelmed with joy. The classic choice for weed storage boxes is wood. You can employ creativity for a better gift and add a personal touch to the box. Etchings or engravings are always a good way to add more value to the gift. 

The classic option

The pipe never fell out of the map and is still a beloved piece of equipment that delivers a classic weed experience. Pipes can come in various shapes and sizes but smoking the old-fashioned way is what makes this experience special.

However, pipes can be quite harsh for the lungs due to the lack of distance the smoke travels. As stated previously, if the smoker can’t handle harsh smoke, bongs or vapes are always a better option as they offer cooler smoke.

Rolling trays and humidors

Rolling trays enable you to keep all your weed rolling gear in one place and using one is just more hygienic. The recipient of the rolling tray will never have to worry about dropped herb anymore. 

If the person in question is an avid weed smoker and loves different types of strains but also enjoys the preservation of strains. Humidors are great for maintaining normal humidity levels and keeping all light sources away from the precious buds, extending the life of the flower significantly. 

grav bongs

Final Thoughts

With the legalization of weed in many states, it’s no wonder that people are looking to create a whole experience around weed smoking. High-quality accessories with different styles don’t make just a good gift, but also increase the quality of the high and the whole weed smoking experience in general. If you are looking to gift someone something stylish and practical, take a look at our list again and make your pick.

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