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What Are the Differences Between E-Cigarettes and Shisha?

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The smoking industry is currently overflowing with smoking accessories and products, offering a wide selection of items that every smoking enthusiast can appreciate. As a result – whether you are a long-time smoker or only making your first steps in this niche – you have multiple options to consider.

Two alternatives to regular cigarettes rapidly growing in popularity are shishas (also known as hookahs) and e-cigarettes (also referred to as vapes). Both, although frequently mixed up, offer quite different experiences. For example, while vapes you can see at online stores like use batteries to heat up the e-liquid to create vapor, shishas do so through a water pipe and hot coals.

Here is a list of the most significant differences between e-cigarettes and shishas to help you determine which of these options is best for you:

The Way They Work

As we already mentioned, the most significant difference between e-cigarettes and shishas is how they work. E-cigarettes are battery-operated devices that heat up the e-liquid to produce vapor. They are pretty straightforward to use, even for someone who never had one before.

Shishas, on the other hand, do not need batteries or any other power source. Instead, the user places a coal on top of the tobacco mixture in the bowl and then heats it. The resulting smoke passes through the water chamber, where it cools down before being inhaled by the smoker.

Because of the complicated use of hookah, many people decide to opt for an e-cigarette instead. This way, they can enjoy intense vapor with just one push of a button. It provides them with an enjoyable smoking experience without following complex procedures or guidelines.

The Ingredients They Use

One of the most notable differences between hookahs and e-cigarettes is the number and type of ingredients they use. A crucial aspect in this regard is that there is no tobacco present in a vape pen or juices. It is a significant selling point for people who try to avoid harmful tobacco smoke.

Among cancer-causing chemicals present in tobacco smoke we can find lead, arsenic, and hydrogen cyanide. All of these chemicals can lead to severe health issues down the road.

Most e-liquids contain nicotine, propylene glycol, flavorings, and other food-grade flavor concentrates. However, shishas use tobacco (sometimes with herbal mixtures or flavorings like honey and glycerin) soaked in molasses.

The Size and Shape

Another noteworthy difference between e-cigarettes and shishas is their size and shape. Shishas are quite large smoking accessories that can be difficult to carry around with you. Consequently, they are great for social gatherings but are not the best option for when you are on the go.

When it comes to vapes, you have much more freedom. E-cigarettes come in numerous sizes and shapes. Some types look exactly like regular cigarettes, while others look more like pens. This vaping device is usually much smaller and easier to carry around with you than a shisha pipe. It is also much less likely to break if you drop it.

The Cost of Maintenance

The cost of maintaining a shisha pipe can be quite high as you need to buy new coals every time you want to smoke it. You also have to replace tobacco mixtures and mouthpieces regularly and wash the entire pipe after each smoking session to prevent mold from growing inside of it. All of this can cost you a pretty penny in the long run, not to mention your precious time.

Conversely, e-cigarettes only require you to regularly buy new e-liquid cartridges and atomizers (the part that heats up the liquid). These items do not cost too much money, so it will not be too expensive for you to maintain your vaping device in good working condition over time.

Still, you should not forgo proper maintenance. Empty and clean your vape tank regularly, change the vape coil whenever necessary, and avoid overfilling the e-liquid to keep your device in the best condition possible.

The Flavor Options

If you are looking for a smoking device that will allow you to enjoy different flavors, then a shisha pipe is probably a better option than an e-cigarette. This is because shisha tobacco mixtures come in a wide variety of flavors, including mint, apple, strawberry, and many others. Furthermore, hookah has a very distinct flavor that cannot be described as anything else but unique.

While it is true that e-liquids also come in numerous flavors, from fruity to candy to menthol and even tobacco, it is a far cry from the taste of shisha. The difference between hookah and e-liquid is comparable to the one between wine and beer. While both are flavored beverages, the way they are made is quite different.

Nevertheless, some people argue that e-liquids provide a more intense flavor experience than shisha tobacco mixtures because they contain higher flavorings concentrations. As such, you might want to experiment with both to see which of these options better suits your liking.


As you can see, these two smoking alternatives are anything but copies of each other, despite the fact that they are sometimes mixed up. These products are often labeled as “just another way to smoke,” but they are fundamentally different from each other and other smoking methods.

Besides how they work, they differ in shape and size, use other ingredients, and require unique maintenance. It makes them like nothing else on the market.

With that said, e-cigarettes and shishas are relatively new and developing products that have the potential to become even more popular in the near future. They have much to offer in terms of pleasure and entertainment, which is why so many people decide to give them a try. If you want to try them yourself, we hope this article will help you make the right decision. Good luck!

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